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A walk with Aud. I am Audrey, friends call me Aud in short.
Thank you for dropping by.

I love writing and I have been sharing about my life through this blog since 2005.

Like Steve Jobs, I like taking a walk with people who are dear to me.

I especially like to talk and share about my day, my thoughts, my life during the quiet strolls.

It is usually through these long walks that I feel most at ease with myself to share openly.

I hope you enjoy the things I share.

Have a pleasant walk

A walk with Aud,

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  1. Hey Audrey,

    I cannot tell you why I wrote you at first place. I believe I have something to share and I think we have something in common. However I do not know what it is.

    I believe you must receive a lot comment and messages; however I did not know why I should add you one more undesirable one’s. I just need to know you better and see how life will take us.

    Kindly let me know if you’re interesting to know someone new or something new.
    Looking forward, to hear from you soon.

    PS:- I added you my google plus :P

    Thank You


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