Aud-MTN | Stationeries and Washi Tapes

Have I told you that I am a sucker for stationeries? I've been controlling it quite well for years until recently. Ever since I started my traveler's notebook aka TN, I have not stop buying stationeries. If you have not read about my MTN unboxing, you can read it >>here<<.

Let's see what I have gotten so far. I have to admit, every time I see them, I feel like a happy girl. Who else understand my feelings? Put your hands up! lol

Cute magnet board, birthday present from my lovely Chariot. Thank you baby!

Aud-Shops | Queen Cat Handmade Waterproof Bags


Just curious, have any of you heard of Queen Cat from Taiwan? It doesn't ring a bell until I saw the product and realized that I've actually seen it quite a few times but never knew that it's called Queen Cat.

Although sewing industry has been gradually going down the hill in Taiwan, but a bunch of excellent skilled sewing masters gathered to continue the sewing art. They are a group of grannies and moms with cute personalities whom work hard to produce a variety of high-quality bag with their near to extinction skill.

Aud-Wedding | Hello, Mrs Tan! [My Monastery R.O.M]

I grew up believing that one day I will have a church wedding or ROM. I am not even a Christian, why church? Well, it must be those romantic movies that I've watched. It created an impression that for a wedding to be romantic it has to be held in a church.

But never have I expect that my own ROM to be so different and meaningful.

Aud-Shops | Bag Love feat Shopbop

Its finally coming to the end of the year, November is mummy's birthday and December is Christmas that means its present time.

I've been thinking what else to get for mummy as her present this year other than the coming oversea family trip this November. It is our first oversea family trip together, I bet it will be fun!

Remember the bags I asked for your opinion in the previous post? (Read it >>here<<). I really like the bags especially this Selma Printed Large Two Zip Tote from Michael Michael Kors, $378.

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