"Would You Rather" Contest by Sudocrem

Being a mother, there are a few things that you will never want it to happen. One of them is to see your baby suffers from nappy rash. Nappy rash can be really nasty and painful, it is even more torturing for babies because of their delicate skin, which is why I always make the effort to ensure that every time after I showered my girl, a layer of nappy rash cream is applied.

So if you are looking for an effective nappy rash cream, look no more than Sudocrem. I believe many of you must have heard it. Well, many mothers swear by its effectiveness in soothing baby's nappy rash. It's active ingredients help soothe, restore and protect baby’s delicate skin. Its water repellent base is said to protect baby’s skin by forming a barrier, helping to stop nappy rash-causing irritants coming into contact with the skin. It can be found at Guardian, Caring, independent pharmacies and selected baby stores nationwide at RM24.90 per 120g tub and RM15.90 per 60g tub. It's not expensive. Baby's butt is small, 60g can last you for quite a while.

What if you would like to try before purchase? Well, the good news is Sudocrem Malaysia is now having a "Would You Rather" daily contest on their facebook page. Head over to Sudocrem Malaysia Facebook now to participate in the contest to stand a chance to win. Who knows you will be the one walking away with some awesome prize and a 60g tub Sudocrem?

Remember to read the terms and condition before joining the contest ya!

Wish you luck, may the force be with you.

Walking on with love,


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