Aud-Beauty | The New Realash, One Month Result


I have to say this is a long overdue post due to a few reasons. I shall not bored you with the reasons so let's go straight to the point of this post.

If you still remember, I received a box of new products from Realash few months back. It consist of a bottle of eyelash enhancer and a brow enhancer. Read it >>here<< to help you bring back some memories.

I was supposed to update on the result of the product after a month but I was so tied up with work and baby that I always forget to apply the serums daily, which affects the end results. Last month I finally able to commit myself into using the serums daily to have a fair and honest review.

First, I have to say I have a slight preference over the brow serum as I got to see a more visible result compared to Realash eyelash enhance. But, I have to say it might due to my lashes are already long and thick which is why I couldn't see obvious changes.

Now, cut the crap. Let the photos do the talking.
Before (please pardon my untrimmed brows)

You can see that the end of my brows in the "before" photo is rather naked (very few strands of hair). But in the "after" photo, it looks fuller! I can see new fine hair growing slow and steady! As for my lashes, to be honest, I don't see any increase in length but it is stronger, healthier and fuller. I wanted to see if the eyelash enhancer works better on people who has shorter lashes, so I let my friend who has shorter lashes to give it a try. She says she does see improvements. Her lashes are slightly longer and definitely thicker!

So I would say, the products do work as they claim but the results varies on different people. If you are looking to give it a try, do visit Realash Malaysia: for more information.

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The Truly Little Japan, Molek Pine 4

The name “Molek Pine” is not at all unfamiliar in the real estate industry in Johor Bahru. With so many ongoing residential developments in our cityscapes, Molek Pine 4 prides itself as the “epitome of luxury living”. 

Ever dreamed of living in a resort for the rest of your life and not worry about a thing? Well, your dream is about to come true at Molek Pine 4. If this doesn’t entice you, will a Japanese “Onsen” be at your convenience do? 

Molek Pine 4 offers amazing facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, gym and fitness centre, playground, sauna, and an exclusive clubhouse that features male and female onsen for the residents. Had a rough day at work? Grab your bathing robe and head over to the warm and soothing onsen pool to release that stress! That's why I say, resort living is no longer an unattainable dream!

Molek Pine 4 is also one of the only two residential projects in the country to be awarded the “Platinum” rating in the Green Building Index, now that is something impressive! With all the hype in healthy and eco-friendly living, you can now go green where you live! 

Aud-Eats | Terminal One Cafe at Taman Pelangi


I bet many of you have already realized that Johor Bahru is really developing in the recent years. Even Kulai is blooming. It's not hard to find a fanciful eateries or what we call it the "Insta-worthy" cafes in town and theme cafes is definitely making it's way back.

After moving to Singapore, I hardly have the time for cafe hopping. There are so many new one's that I wish to try! When I heard about Terminal One- a train themed cafe located at Pelangi area, I thought I should give it a try.

The main entrance with a train door.

Aud-Beauty | BCL 3 Steps Skin Care Routine


When it comes to a skincare routine, normally I have at least 6 steps to complete the whole process, cleansing (sometimes double cleanse), scrub (once a week), toner, mask sheet (once a week), pore strip (once a week), emulsion/ essence/ serum, moisturizer, and lastly eye cream. I bet some of you have more. I've been trying to find a way to simplify these steps because I am a busy mommy. I need to do things quick, but I could not forgo any of the steps as all of them are equally important.

Well, recently I seem to found a way to a simpler life (simpler skincare routine = simpler life!). Let me introduce you the BCL Trio!
Step 1 : Cleanser - Tsururi Ghassoul Paste
Step 2 : Toner - Cleansing Research AHA Clear Peeling Lotion
Step 3 : Mask - Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power

Before I go deep into each product, let's have a short introduction on BCL AHA by Cleansing Research series (CR) and Tsururi Ghassoul Clay series (TGC). CR offers a wide range of cleanser to suit different skin type and usage needs. These AHA cleansers provide remarkable surface cleansing power, and deep cleansing keratin care leaving your skin clean, smooth and revitalize.

Ghassoul clay is the main ingredient in the TGC series. It is naturally found from ancient deposits deep within the Atlas Mountain in the northeastern region Morocco. Ghassoul clay contains high mineral contents that are beneficial to the skin. It produces strong negative charge and high absorption rate to remove toxins lying under the skin, removes impurities, unblocks pores and stubborn blackheads. It also has antibacterial properties which help to calm the skin. 

Now, we are done with the introductions, let's move on to the more detail part.

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