Aud-MTN | LG PD239 PoPo Pocket Printer [Unboxing]

I always like the idea of instant photo printing but I never like Instax camera because of the photo quality.

After starting my TN journey (you can read it >>here<< and >>here<<), I get to know about photo printer. I did my research and found out that there are several brands in the market carries them from stationed to mobile ones. I personally prefer mobile ones so that I can bring it with me especially during travel.

After contacting Instax Pelangi from Facebook (they have actual shop in KL), I decided to get a LG PoPo Printer.

LG PD239 Pocket Photo Printer also name as PoPo printer comes in three colors, white, pink and yellow. I got myself a pink.

Aud-Cooks | Baked Potato with Cheese and Cream

Today let's combine two of my favourite- Cheese and Potato, together and make a dish out of it. Potato and Cheese can never go wrong, so this time I'm gonna try making the Baked Potato with Cheese and Cream aka Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes.

Aud-Story | A Bad Day I Wish it Never Exist

Have you ever encountered a day that was so bad, you wish it never exist?

I just did. Today was a really bad day. It started off bad, It ended badly.

Felt so clueless, helpless and useless.

I can't help but wonder am I doing the right thing? Am I walking the right path? Am I really who I think I will be? Or is it me having too much hope? Am I expecting too much from myself? Maybe it's true that I've been thinking too highly about myself. Maybe this is the furthest I can go... All these negative thoughts.. gosh!

I always tell myself that when thing doesn't turns right, turn left. But right now, I feel so trapped that I have no where to turn to. I am sorry if I sound pathetic but this is the true feeling I am having right now. Totally no confidence at all and feeling shitty about myself. Oh dear, I hate the "I" right now!

Seriously, this is driving me crazy.

Walking on with love,

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Aud-MTN | Stationeries and Washi Tapes

Have I told you that I am a sucker for stationeries? I've been controlling it quite well for years until recently. Ever since I started my traveler's notebook aka TN, I have not stop buying stationeries. If you have not read about my MTN unboxing, you can read it >>here<<.

Let's see what I have gotten so far. I have to admit, every time I see them, I feel like a happy girl. Who else understand my feelings? Put your hands up! lol

Cute magnet board, birthday present from my lovely Chariot. Thank you baby!

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