Aud-Fashion | #ReebonzSplurge "Let The Cat Out of The Bag" One Day Splurge

Morning lovelies!! Today is a special day. Are you ready for #ReebonzSPLURGE? If you have been eyeing on that one luxury piece but it seemed just a little out of reach, NOW is the time to splurge, because you will be saving as well!

Reebonz is letting the cat out of the bag TODAY, May 14th 2015 for you (and maybe a bestie) to enjoy a ONE-DAY only splurge that is out of this world!

With more than 15,000 new and pre-owned items available on the website, it's better that you start searching for that one piece that are bound to add class, cool and color to your fashion! Share it with your family, friends and fashionistas because this is too good to keep to yourself.

Aside from the amazing deals that are at the core of Reebonz, the #ReebonzSPLURGE online sales event will give you a further 11% off with the code "1SPLURGEMY11" at checkout if you plan to splurge on one item but if you (or with your BFF and family) are going to splurge on two or more items and use the code "2SPLURGEMY20" at checkout to receive a whopping 20% off!

Head to to start browsing for your essential splurge now as new designer items has been added!

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Aud-Eats: Food with Passion, Passion Food @ Taman Pelangi


It's been a quite a while since I last hangout with the girls after I got married and moved to Singapore. It's nice to be together with kareshi but sometimes, it just got a little lonely without the girls. Heh! So I was really delighted to be able to join them for a food review this time round.

We were invited to Passionfood cafe to try out their new menu that will be launched in mid April. I confess, I did not know the existence of passionfood cafe despises it has already been operating for 4 years! Okay, I admit! I am not hipster, so this it is my best chance to try.

Put in a little effort to dress up so I feel good about myself again. 

Passionfood is located at Taman Pelangi. It actually quite easy to spot the big fuchsia pink signboard.

It was raining but still manage to get quite some decent photos for this post with my iphone. I forgot my camera so please bear with the lower quality photos.

Aud-Pregnancy | The Little Life in Me, 0-12 weeks

Harlo, it's me again. I am back with my pregnancy update. I am 24 weeks pregnant now so sorry to say this is a way overdue post. Lol. Things certainly changed after I found out that I am pregnant, may it be physical or mentally. Well, let's see what had happened in my first trimester.

For the first 4 weeks, I didn't even know I was pregnant until I realized my period was late. Haha! Read about the finding out >>here<<. Me and kareshi took quite some time to digest this great news and to slowly pace ourselves.

The moment I knew I am pregnant, I had already decided on having a baby journal. It will be like a "book" of letters I write to my baby, documenting what had happened throughout the whole pregnancy. I believe it will be a great way to keep all these unique memories. In the future when baby grows older, I can show baby how he or she grew. Wonder if he or she will be interested to know. Hehe.

Aud-Guides | How to Save Money while You Shop

Nowadays, it is common for people to shop online because of the convenience and the availability of e-commerces. I like online shopping too because it saves me the trouble to visit the physical shop. In addition, e-commerces offers better deal than the store. Agree?

As I mentioned in the previous post >>here<<, my life focus has changed. It is no longer about me but my baby. I make sure I do enough research to understand the pro and cons prior deciding on what to buy for her. Baby stuffs can be really expensive, so to be a smart consumer, you will have to learn to shop smart.

Other than hauling from baby fairs, the alternative is online shopping. Shopping online requires a little research in order to save more. Reputable e-commerces such as Groupon, Zalora, Rakuten offer sales from time to time but isn't is better if you can get cashback on top of the sales items?

Have you heard of an e-commerce shopback? It is a platform that allows you to shop from the listed merchant stores and also offers cashback on top of existing discounts and voucher codes. This means extra savings folks!

Cashbacks that you have earned can be transferred to most bank accounts or your PayPal account. The best part of it is there is no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn, just spend more and earn more!

It may sounds too good to be true but in case you wonder whether it is safe or legal, ShopBack is a registered business in the USA & Singapore. They commit to provide a secured platform for your shopping pleasure.

Now let me guide you through step-by-step on how to register and get started.

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