Aud-MTN | MTN Sharing {November - December 2014}

Hello! I am 38 weeks pregnant when I am typing this. By the time you read this, I probably have given birth to my little girl. Most likely will be busy like hell dealing with a new tiny life. Ha!

I've shared my September - October entries in the previous post, read it >>here<< if you missed it. So now it's about November to December.

It's been a long time since I last took a bus to KL alone. Used to do it when I was studying in KL. I still remember that it was raining heavily when I arrived. Luckily Sim came to picked me, or else I will be stuck at the terminal. I have a bazaar (organized by Carousell) to attend which explains the big luggage bag.

Aud-Motherhood | The Day An Angel Arrives

Wow, it's been a hectic month. Baby shower just ended 2 weeks ago and my confinement has officially ended. Despite the lack of knowledge and experience in taking care of a confinement mummy and a newborn, we manage to pull it through. Things were definitely much more manageable with my mum by my side. Thank you, mummy!

I wanted to document the arrival of my girl when I got back home from the hospital, but I was too weak to do anything. I am feeling a lot more energetic now, so better blog about it while I still remember what had happened that day.

I was awake around 6.00 am in the morning because of contractions. It felt like period cramps. I took out my phone and time the pain. It comes and go in a 10 minutes interval. I told kareshi about it when he woke up at 8.00 am. He thought of going to the hospital for a check, but I told him to go to work first as the contraction wasn't intensive. My plan was to go to the hospital for a CTG scan to be sure I wasn't in labor yet.

Kareshi came home around 1 pm, we had lunch and headed to the hospital. I wasn't having contraction when I arrived at the hospital at 2.00 pm. We went straight to the labor ward, told the nurse about my doubt on the contractions. They did a CTG scan.

After 40 mins of CTG scan, the result showed that my contractions were not rapid and intense enough for labor, but I was 2 cm dilated. Doctor Ben came and said I was actually in labor but at the very early stage (which is why I was dilated). It can take up to days or weeks to be ready for delivery, but he can expedite the whole process (means prepare to deliver right now).

Aud-Pregnancy | The Little Life in Me, 25-38 weeks

After labor, I too couldn't escape the fate of many mothers. I suffer from memory lost. Luckily I kept a baby journal that helps me refresh all the precious moments during pregnancy, and it also aids me in drafting my post. If you have not, head over to read my post on my 0-12 weeks and 13- 24 weeks.

On 2 May, I nearly fainted again. Luckily I was at the bank. Thanks to the security guard and the lady from OCBC bank @ City Square branch for helping me. Thank you so much!

Fell sick on week 25, had a bad cough and couldn't sleep well for nights.

Week 28, baby weight 1.23 kg. Doctor says my girl will not be small. Oh my... Hope she will not take my build. Be like papa better, slender and tall.

Aud-Talks | The Little Dream Space, Elysia Park Residence


I always wanted a space of my own. The idea grew stronger after having a family of my own and especially after having my daughter.

My house doesn't has to be big but it has to be cozy, comfortable and warming. A place where I would want to return to.

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