Aud-Pregnancy | The Little Life in Me, 13-24 weeks

Hey there! How are you doing? I'm back with a little update on my baby journal on week 13 to 24. I'm a little slow I know, there're so many things that I want to blog about but so little time! Anyway, here's week 0 to week 12 if you have not read.

On week 13, I almost fainted when I was on my way home after lunch with Kareshi. Not sure what triggered it but it was really scary. Luckily Kareshi was with me. 

Yeah, we have decided on baby's name. We had a name for boy and girl, so no matter what gender my baby is, we are readied. If it's a baby boy, his name will be Leif; if it's a girl, Joie will be her name.

Aud-Beauty | Headlines Hairdressing, Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment


I've been wanting to do something about my hair for the longest time. But it was delayed because of wedding (long hair easier for hair styling). Not too long after wedding, I am pregnant and people told me I should not do anything to my hair to prevent chemical entering my body and affects my baby. Okay, better be safe than sorry right? So I took the advise.

I was actually worried about the trouble I have to deal with my hair for the coming confinement. Chinese has this ridiculous tradition of no shower/ hair wash for a month. Imagine how dirty, smelly and messy my frizzy waist length hair will be! Although I do not intend to follow the tradition exactly (plan to wash my hair every 2 days), but still, I was hoping to do something to my hair so that I can feel better during the confinement.

I guess Charles from the Headlines Hairdressing heard me. He approached me and told me that he has something suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mummies. Sounds good, so I decided to make an appointment with him to find out more.

Headlines Hairdressing is located at #01-15 China Square Central. It can be reached by North East line, Chinatown station (exit E). It is very easy to find. Walk in from the main entrance and you will see it on your right.

Aud-Pregnancy | Things A Mum-To-Be Needs for Her Newborn

Being a mum-to-be myself, I know how difficult it can be to list and get the stuffs you might need for your precious newborn. Here is a list of mine, use it as a reference as different mums might have different needs.

Baby Cot, Ikea $79 & Mattress, Seahorse $19.90
I got an affordable one from Ikea. It couldn't turn into co-sleep bed (the sides can't be lowered) but it can turn into a playpen. As for the mattress, it's actually a foldable mattress from Seahorse brand that I have at home, so I just make do with it.

Aud-Eats | ABC Brickworks Hawker "Must Try", Jin Jin Dessert

Recently Kareshi and I was on a dessert hunt. We loves dessert but sadly the hawker center at our place doesn't have any dessert stall. We loved the dessert from whampoa and henderson hawker but we wanted to explore more.

The other night, we decided to go Ikea for a walk (yea, just walk around and see see look look). So we googled to see what's available for diner nearby. Apparently, nearby there's an ABC hawker center with famous dessert. That's it. Time to explore new hawkers.

Kareshi said when he was young, he used to come with his dad but it's been years he has not visited this place so he wasn't sure what's nice here.

But, when we walked passed this Hokkien prawn mee stall, he said he remember this to be quite good so we decided this shall be our dinner.

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