Aud-Beauty | ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick


Hello girls! It's been quite a while since my last makeup review. Thanks to Natta Cosme, today I will be reviewing 2 beauty products from ElishaCoy.

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

It is a high functional CC cream. One product with 10 benefits:
- whitening
- anti-wrinkle
- UV protection
- hydration
- corrects skin texture
- corrects skin tone
- covers imperfection
- long-lasting
- excellent application
- makes skin looks instantly refreshed

Aud-Wedding | My Vintage Wedding Car

My wedding turned out to be something different than usual, in a good way of course. That's the comments I received from friends and relatives. It involves a lot of hard work and hands on job because we did almost everything ourselves and yea, in a very short time frame- 1.5 month. So if different is what you want, maybe this can be your reference. You can read about my other wedding related post at the end of the post.

I always wanted a different wedding car for my wedding. Something different, something vintage and I am really glad that I've found someone who thinks the same.

After some research and callings, I manage to shortlist a couple of contacts that provide vintage wedding car rental service.

One of them has these two hot babes. I especially like the red one, but the price is way too much for my budget so its a No.

Aud-Venture | The Earth Celebration in Japan with AirAsia Free Seats

I used to have a dream. A dream that remains deep inside me till today. I do not know how and when did my affection with Japan started, all I could remember is it's in me, all the time ever since I was a kid. I dreamt to study there, to live there, to experience the life and culture of Japan. It was the biggest dream I ever wanted to achieve. It was so close yet so far. It shattered a few years back. You can read it >>here<<. But still, I hold dear to the shattered pieces. Hoping that one day, it will still come true (even if it's in a different manner).
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Many years have passed. Life has been really eventful. I broke up from a 6 years relationship, and met a guy I knew would be my significant one from the first sight. True enough, I was proposed after one and a half year together. Then I am married. And yeap, I am now 8 months pregnant.

Everything happened so fast and yet it all seems to fit in nicely. Do I know that these will be my life? No, I don't. But one thing for sure, everything happens for a reason. If I were to fly to Japan back in 2011 for studies, I wouldn't have met my lovely husband. For sure, I wouldn't be expecting my dear daughter to join us in coming August. And I certainly will not have the chance to fulfill my long lost dream in a more meaningful way.

Ever since I got pregnant, my dream changed a little. I now wish to visit and experience the beautiful Japan, not alone but with my dearest husband and my precious daughter in August 2016. August is my birthday month, which coincidentally will also be my daughter's. It would be really meaningful to visit the dream land of mine with my love ones on a special month.

I have to say, AirAsia seems to read my mind. They had just launched their Free Seats promotion starting from 22 June to 28 June 2015, travel period starts from February to August next year! And yes, tomorrow it's the last day so grab the chance!

Aud-Talks | How to Maintain A Relationship: 4 Things You Shouldn't Do in Front of Your Partner

Some of you have asked how do I maintain my relationship with Kareshi. Well, I do not have any secret manuscript nor am I an expert in maintaining relationship but if you would allow me to, let me share with you my way of handling. Before I start, let me reemphasized that what I share today is based solely on my views and experience. It is not an ultimate guide that you should follow. Different couple works differently, bear that in mind.

Now let's talk about things I do not do in front of kareshi. I understand that it is natural for most people to care less about their image when they get really close to their partners. People will start exposing unglam moments in front of their partner without feeling bad or awkward. Agree?

But, I always believe that no matter how close you are, in order to keep the relationship fresh, there are certains things that you shouldn't do in front of each other. It is important to keep some personal (I mean really personal) space and maintain your image in his/ her heart.

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