Aud-Wedding | The Wedding Band

Harlo! I'm back to update the Aud's wedding stories! Today is all about The wedding band. We really went to lots of places, going thorough piece by piece. We even did tons of online research, searching for that "one-piece". You can read about my ring hunting >>here<<.

When we saw this on the net, we immediately fall in love with it, but we couldn't find one that is exactly the same nor could we find someone to custom made it for us.

The only piece that has the closest design to the one above is Tiffany & co. This is 18k gold.
Image source: Google

TIffany & Co Milgrain Dual Tone
Image source: Google

Aud-Shops | My ROM Dress from Shopbop

Have you read about the Shopbop post featured on my blog last month? If you have not, you can read it >>here<<. Its a website selling authentic designer brands that I stumbled upon. After looking through the website, I thought it would be great if I can get my ROM dress from it.

And so I did. In the previous post, I listed 6 of them and asked for your opinion. After going through the site again, I decided on something else.

Considering the venue and the ceremony that we are having, it is important that I dress properly. It's not that the previous 6 pieces aren't good but I had my eye set on another after factoring in the design and value of money. Let's check out the 2 dresses I got from

The first dress I got was this Quinn Dress from Torn By Ronny Kobo.
Torn By Ronny Kobo Quinn Dress, $119
Torn By Ronny Kobo Quinn Dress - White

Aud-TravelersNotebook | Midori Traveler's Notebook [Unboxing]

Ever since I was a kid, I always have a thing for stationeries. I could spend a whole afternoon in a book/ stationery store without getting bored.

Years ago, I came across moleskin, I was fascinated but it doesn't gives me the urge to get it. Maybe it wasn't meant for me. Until 2 months ago, I found Midori Traveler's Notebook.
It was love at first sight. There, our love story begins..

Aud- OOTD | My Red Obsession

I developed a little obsession with Red after my La Vie En Rose photoshoot (read it here if you have not). I mean not really red hot red but more to red wine that kind of red. This look is all about pairing different shades of red wine red.

I always though I don't look good with hat but this red wine bowler hat just changed that whole perspective of mine. It is very versatile as it matches quite a number of different style. I like how it instantly make an outfit looks chic.

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