Aud-Guides | How to Save Money while You Shop

Nowadays, it is common for people to shop online because of the convenience and the availability of e-commerces. I like online shopping too because it saves me the trouble to visit the physical shop. In addition, e-commerces offers better deal than the store. Agree?

As I mentioned in the previous post >>here<<, my life focus has changed. It is no longer about me but my baby. I make sure I do enough research to understand the pro and cons prior deciding on what to buy for her. Baby stuffs can be really expensive, so to be a smart consumer, you will have to learn to shop smart.

Other than hauling from baby fairs, the alternative is online shopping. Shopping online requires a little research in order to save more. Reputable e-commerces such as Groupon, Zalora, Rakuten offer sales from time to time but isn't is better if you can get cashback on top of the sales items?

Have you heard of an e-commerce shopback? It is a platform that allows you to shop from the listed merchant stores and also offers cashback on top of existing discounts and voucher codes. This means extra savings folks!

Cashbacks that you have earned can be transferred to most bank accounts or your PayPal account. The best part of it is there is no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn, just spend more and earn more!

It may sounds too good to be true but in case you wonder whether it is safe or legal, ShopBack is a registered business in the USA & Singapore. They commit to provide a secured platform for your shopping pleasure.

Now let me guide you through step-by-step on how to register and get started.

Aud-Eats | Creamery, The Ice Cream Boutique @ Taman Mount Austin

I am always a fan of Ice Cream. I am well aware that it causes me fat, but still I love it so much that I can overlook this scary fact. It is like you know this boy gonna hurt you, but yet you still fell for it. Can relate much?

That day my friend YeeVen told me that her cousin is opening her new Ice Cream Boutique, I was already tempted to try. After seeing the photo of the ice cream, I made up my decision that I must come and try when I come back to JB.

Before I visited the shop, I did some intro read up about the shop. Apparently, Creamery Boutique Ice Creams (JB) is an ice cream project brought into Johor Bahru, Malaysia by TheIceCreamist, all the way from Creamery Company Limited, Bangkok, under their franchise expansion. They focus on small batch premium homemade production to maintain the exceptional quality of their ice creams. It was said that all their recipes are original, exclusive and personally developed to include a unique Creamery twist.

So 2 weeks ago, I arranged to visit Creamery Ice Cream Boutique with Kareshi on Sunday. We reached here quite early, about 12pm, didn't know that it is not opened yet so have to wait for 2 hours for it to open. Uhh... but I told myself, since I am already here, might as well just wait. After 2 hours, finally it's opened!!! It better be good to worth the wait!

Aud-Pregnancy | The Change of Focus

Never have I thought this time would come so fast. I am not complaining. In fact, I enjoy it pretty much despites all the stress we are going through.

In the past, whenever I am on my laptop I am always on blog or researching on beauty products, skin cares, and cute stuffs. Now, whenever I am on my laptop, I am still researching but on a whole new level of topics such as nice strollers, the good diapers, the best formula and even breastfeeding and confinement. Yes, What Concerns Me Now are Strollers, Diapers, Formulas not Toners, Moisturizers or Whatsoever.

Life changed so much after I found out that I am growing a little human inside me. The things I eat, the things I do, it all changes in certain ways, for the better cause. I eat healthier, takes lots of fruits, drink even more water (used to drink close to 2.5 liters per day, now maybe close to 3.5 liters?),  and I watch my lifestyle now.

Watching my lifestyle means sleep early, read good books, attends Dharma class, listen to new age/ soothing musics (no change in this as I always listen to them), and try my best to be positive at all time (this doesn't really work out that good when the weird hormones kick in though).

Lucky me, the little human seems to be very considerate for the mummy because as of now, I still do not have a single bit of uncomfortableness. No morning sickness, no changes in appetite, have not gain too much weight, no drastic change in hormones that causes breakouts and sorts (phew I still look pretty! Lol)

I would say, it was a pleasant 5 months. In another 4 months, we shall meet ya my little one!

Walking on with love,

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Aud-Pregnancy | The Finding Out of The Little Life in Me

I know it seems like an excuse but seriously, my life has changed drastically. So many things happened together which makes me kinda breathless but I have to say, it was an amazing journey. I've blogged a summary about the important events that took place in my life >>here<<. Read it before you continue this post.

Now, back to this post. On the 13.12.14, I was expecting my monthly friend to visit, but after a long wait I see no sight of her and thought that maybe its due to the travelling to Taiwan (went to Taiwan twice in a month), so I continued waiting for her arrival.

11 days later, she was still MIA (missing in action). I thought that it was kinda weird as she has always been very punctual, so I decided to went for a check with a wondering mind.

After the check, sitting right in front of a professional human, my heart stopped for a while and I couldn't hear what that human was saying and I went, [huh? What did you say?]

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