Must A Shop Always Sell At The Displayed Price Tag


I recently read an article on about "Must a shop always sell at the displayed price tag?"

I bet many of you have met with this kind of situation where you saw something you wanna buy at an attractive price that you are willing to pay for but when you bring the item to the cashier, he or she told you a different price (the normal price). When this happen, how many of you will try to clarify or even argue with the cashier? How many of you will just pay what the cashier asked for? How many of you will just give the item a pass without any future clarification?

For me, I would definitely clarify with the cashier on the difference of the price tag. Why? The reason is because it is disappointing. I walked into the shop and decided to buy the product because of the offered price on the price tag. In my mind, it was already set that I will be walking home with this new purchase but when I wanted to pay for the product, I was denied. I don't get to go home with the item (at the price I am willing to pay for) I wanted. Seriously, it is disappointing and I feel cheated. And because of that, I definitely will not buy the item, or maybe worse, I will not patron that particular shop anymore because of the bad experience.

But hey, let's take a step back. Can the cashier does that? From what I've learnt from that article, yes, he or she can actually refuse to sell the item at the displayed price tag.

"Because the price tag isn't actually an "offer". It's classified as an "invitation to treat" -

Apparently, the item on display is only an invitation for you to make an offer. You make an offer by taking the product to the counter but the cashier does not have to sell it to you as it is not considered as part of a binding contract. So, if you want to get that particular item, you'll have to fork out the actual amount after all! Shocking facts eh? So much about feeling cheated but it's actually our own misunderstanding that the shopkeeper has to sell things according to the displayed price tag.

If you would like to know more about this, you can read this article on, is a free website that contains legal information, guidance and resources. It provides the public knowledge about their legal rights and also guides them with their legal problems.

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  1. Wah this post so formal hehe but good information!

  2. I have no idea the shop can actually refuse to sell me things at the displayed price. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    1. Glad that we all learnt something new!

  3. OMG! Is it true? I only know after this post! Thanks for sharing

    1. You are not alone! I guess many people don't know about this.

  4. It is great to have this kind of consulting website. Now I can use this to guide my students.

  5. Aiyo I feel so ignorant now, thanks for sharing the info!


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