Over spending month

OMG...Freaking OMG! I actually over spent this month!! T.T

I bought a new handphone yesterday, Motorola E398. It cost me RM 645, which is what I budgeted for, so its fine. BUT! I saw something that i always wanted to buy but always giving myself excuse for not having it and now i SAW IT! I was like uuHhmm..should i buy? should i??? SHOULD I?????? If I buy, I really hv to starve for 2 months! but i just cant help it. I believe that fate wants me to buy it therefore it appears just in front of my eye! so after a short hesitation, without further ado, i bought it. And it cost me another RM 310, so i spent RM 955 in a day!! WTH! This is my first time ever spending so much in a day! I hereby announce that I'm officially broke, penniless! sponsor me lunch or dinner if you sees me, thank you!

Ahha...I am suppose to say what I actually bought right? see how blur I am, sorry, just too hungry and my head is spinning.. come on, buy me a meal please.. erm.. sorry, where was I? Oh! ya, the thing.. well, its a mp3-creative N200, 256mb. Wanted to buy 512mb but its freaking out of my budget!

Now im in the library blogging about how poor I am and how starving I am while waiting for Harn to finish his class and buy me dinner! lol

A lil update on my exam. Exam is just around the corner (which corner?) which is next week but I hv 4 subjects that I have not started to study. Hopeless me..but still hoping that I can still somehow pass my exams with some shitty luck, don't wanna fail frm the start.

Jya, mata ne!
(opps, thats Japanese, means see ya!)

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