Missing in Action..

Its been days I have not update here..
i sent my laptop for warranty... so, no pc...
life without a pc and internet really sucks.. ha! yeah... I'm the IT savvy gal...
so, what happen these days?

Hmm... the most important thing will be... "I FINALLY START WORKING!!!"
haha~~ yeah~
i started my new job on the 2nd April @ Consulate-General of Republic of Singapore as a Translator/ Researcher... Its my 3rd day here now, trying my very best to catch up the working speed and be familiar with the operations...

Its stressful of course, as i have no experience in this area, totally a newbie, a green horn!
but, im a fast learner (i think i am at least, haha!), so i should be fine~~ (i hope!! XD)

Well, that's all for today i guess... rest time is over, get back to work~!!
see you guys again soon~~! ^_^

Precious Readers