Ramadan dinner @ Thistle

Our company was invited to attend Ramadan at Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru on the 25th July 2012.
Just in case for those who doesn't know what is ramadan, check here.
My boss requested additional invitation for me to slot in..
muahaha.. yeah~ free dinner! lol

So, here I am at Thistle Hotel. I arrived before my boss did. and there is nothing to do, so I transform into camwhore!! lol

We were assigned to table 52 initially, but later on we moved to table 23. (boss complaint being too near to the stage which is kinda noisy as the speaker was just in front of us)

Nice bright sunflower on the table, it cheers me a lil~ so, im gonna eat more later!!
but, I'm really the worse person to bring to buffet.. because I cant eat much. If the buffet is RM25 per pax, I think I only ate abt RM10. So, its a waste right? hehe

No matter what, I will always leave some space for my fav ice cream~
How can i live without it.. *wondering*

This is the table gift from thistle, was wondering what is it..
and it turns out to be...

Honestly, I never try it.. because im not sure whether there's egg in it..
so, let my mum and bros keep them~

Here is some info about Thistle Hotel Ramadan.

Arabian Ramadan Buffet
RM95++ (Adult)
Take the family out for an evening of Arabic and local delights, freshly prepared for your Iftar enjoyment

Southern Europe Mediterranean Buffet
RM180++ (Adults)
RM120++ (Children 6-12 years old)
Tempting Mediterranean cuisine to ease your tat\ste buds during Iftar

For more information, check here: Thistle Hotel's Ramadan.


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