Supper = Fat

This post drafted around early August, it took me ages to publish it, sorry. No excuse for me!

I used to have supper almost everyday because [Tiger] likes to feed me.
I'm not sure whether he thinks that I'm too skinny to him or he wants me to become fatty and no one will have a crush on me.

The amazing thing is that I really enjoy him feeding me all the time and I don't think that I'm fat. I'm 58kg that time. Look at me! god jesus! fml.

When I quitted my previous job (Public Bank), I miraculously slimmed down to 48kg in 3 months! 10kg in 3 months! WooHoo~!! I never dream that I could have weight below 50!! But, you know.. food is hard to keep them out of the door, but still, my weight maintain around 48 - 50kg. I quitted supper! Hurray!
The slimmest me *salute myself

Ha! now I know why people always said good times won't last! Recent 3 months, this stupid [Tiger] is seducing me with food AGAIN!!! Yea.. He manage to break my firewall, I've been having supper on and off for the past 3 months! *screw myself

So yea, here I am waiting for my Supper at the Kulai main street chicken chop stall
Lady boss preparing my supper!

Supper-to-be! Wo0ts! on fire~

While waiting.. this is what I done..

Urghh, my toe! nail dropped off because I stupidly "crashed" my toe with chair leg. I screamed out of pain! fml

Okay, enough for camwhore-ing. I see my supper ready to be serve! lol

TaAdaaHh! Yummy Fried Chicken Chop served!

Thanks to it, my tummy is bloated! and thanks! I feel so guilty now because my weight increased!! *shit

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