Street Food Tour with Daniel Hoyer

Day 4 in Hanoi!! Today, its all about food! It was a very fruitful day because we ate lots of very local tradition food. Very local as in not those tourist places but only places with locals, that's what I love about it! Thanks to Daniel Hoyer!! I'm really glad that I've found and met you!

Daniel came to pick us in the morning, a lovely couple from Australia joined us for this half day trip. I love them! They were awesome!! First stop, a local market. It ain't those maket that's filled with tourists (eg ben tham market in HCMC) but a very local market that only locals know. You see no tourists there but us! lol

This man is toasting pig knuckle


fresh crabs!!

Just when we were half way through, it suddenly rains downpour! 

Rain stopped within half an hour, so we continued exploring. The market was unexpectedly clean and fresh (not smelly at all!). It has no flies at all! Not a single one! This shows how fresh the meat, fish and vegetables are! I was totally impressed because it's impossible to see non-flies wet market in Malaysia! Even hypermarts have flies.

After the clean wet market, Daniel brought us to a place where I can never forget because, I literally lost my first time there. It was awesome and unforgettable.

At This dunno what name cafe, I drank the very 1st coffee of my life! I was never a coffee drinker, never tasted it before. (yea, go ahead and laugh.) but I swear, this is the best!

Even those aunties that are coffee-freaks, can't let the glass off their hands! It tastes bitter but you can taste a fade sweetness of coco in it. It's smooth and it stays in your mouth. Oh my! I have no words to describe it! It is just heavenly nice! lol! Thanks Daniel! I lost my 1st coffee try to a very good one, but then, that makes me not gonna try any other coffee now! Tell me where the hell I'm gonna get a coffee that can stop my urge now!
Just look at everyone's face! so happy! so satisfied with the coffee! BEST EVER!!!
We took a small walk, Daniel explaining the history of the buildings, path but honestly, I cant keep everything into my mind, coz I'm still overwhelmed with the coffee. LOL!

One thing you can never missed in Vietnam is their spring rolls! Daniel bought us to one of his favourite stall! Oh! do you know that this valley, all the shops and stalls sells the same food? lol so when we were walking through, everyone dash out of their shops and stalls keep calling and shouting, trying to get us into their shops! BUT!!! they were all talking, promoting it to me!!! in VIETNAMESE!!! I understand non a freak! I asked Daniel, why are they targeting me?! and what the hell they are talking! and then I saw Daniel cant stop laughing and said:"They thought you are local, and that you are the tour guide for the group, so they are asking you to bring your group to their shops!"


Honestly, was kinda depressed. Am I that insignificant? T_T
but the spring roll put a smile on my face quick enough! hahah! its really delicious!

Bob and his wife! very very loving couple! love them to the max!!

these are as fresh as you can imagine! thumbs up!!!

Okay, this is cute!and its nice of course! its corn!! but fried with some coating, taste like flour but im certain its more den flour~

Please forgive me, this is the only one that i never try! I dont have the guts to eat Escargot!!

After some rest, guess what? Yea, another food!! Im freaking bloated that time, I swear I cant fit a single thing inside my stomach anymore.

But this BBQ pork is really too damn nice to say no to it! oh my, fml!

You are suppose to add these veg and herbs into the soup, but I dont like it. haha
den dip the beehon with the soup! its fantastic!

Fried spring rolls!!! NICE!! FINGER LICKING GOOD!!

See how they BBQ the pork meat~~

After all those fattening but yet killing tasty food, the folks saw the Confucian temple just beside it (click here to read more abt it on wiki), and they asked if Daniel could tour guide a lil more, Daniel agreed without even a blink of eye, I think he likes me!! hahaha! I love him too! he is damn awesome! But, this part gonna be the next post, tries to keep it not too long, if not you guys will lost interest of reading it! LOL

Preview of the Confucian Temple.

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