I am not Perfect

* The Chameleon part 2 - Continuous thoughts from previous post. 

Everything in this world has two sides.
The Good,
and The Bad;
The Bright,
and The Dark.
No exemption.

Every human being are unique by itself.
Each of them has their very own strength,
and each of them are flawed in one way or another.
That includes you.
and me.

I am not perfect. No one is.
Nor do I have a fairytale life.
Instead, mine are tough.
Tough and rough times that turns me dark.
Its was so dark that sometimes, I wish to eliminate it.
Like it never exist.

But, Who am I? or What am I?
It's My past, My dark times, My good times.
It's every single moment I had, that makes me who I am now, and what I am.
Can I erase the unpopular moments? I can't.
Because it contributes to part of what I am now.
It is part of me.
Rejecting it equals to Denying the "Me" now.
and That's not gonna do me any good.

It's only by accepting every single stage of yours,
embrace all of them,
Love yourself as a whole,
only you will learn and be able to move on.
I know now.

“I” am just a collection of constantly changing physical and mental factors (quoted from my special one)
There is no original "me" from the very beginning.
because it is all "me". Every single part.

Life is a process. A process to learn.

p/s: Now, I feel more of myself. Not having the shadows of others in between my words, but only Audrey. Thank you. and Thank you for the special note you've posted to cheer me up.

There's a place that I know
It's not pretty there and few have ever gone
If I show it to you now
Will it make you run away?

Or will you stay
Even if it hurts
Even if I try to push you out
Will you return?
And remind me who I really am
Please remind me who I really am

Everybody's got a dark side
Do you love me?
Can you love mine?
Nobody's a picture perfect
But we're worth it
You know that we're worth it
Will you love me?
Even with my dark side?
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