Important Things in Life

I actually plan on this post quite some time ago. Its been lying quietly in my draft box.  Not making a sound.
Why? Because I really have no idea how to start as I myself, was not in the stand to write about it, until the recent 3 to 4 months. I think I have better "qualification" to write about it as I am doing it right now.

When someone ask you what is the important things in your life, what would you say?
I've been asking this around (among my friends), and I received various answers.
As you can guess, the very common ones.
Some even told me his car.. her clothes.. (i can't agree, but that's what seems to be important to them, so no comment)

Of course the above said are important in my life too. My family, friends, love.. I can't say that career and money is not important, because in fact, they are. But compare to family, friends and love, they are least important in my ranking.

Besides that, there's one thing which is very very important in life but surprisingly only very very few of them, told me that as an answer. Actually, I should not be surprise because I used to neglect it too. Yes, its HEALTH.

Health is the foundation, the base of everything. Without it, you can't be with family, without health you can't enjoy with friends; without health, all material things are just nothing. NO matter how loaded you are, how pretty or handsome you are, how capable you are.. you are just a sick man, a patient. Nothing else.

If you read my resolution for 2013 (read it here if you have not), you will know. I never exercise for my whole life. Yea, my whole life. I simply hate it because I don't like to sweat, I don't like to be expose under the sun because I really am TAN enough that people always thinks that I'm Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippines, Indons.. =_=''.. and I hate running because it makes me looks ugly and people will just stare at me.. at the part below my neck. I hate that! so that results in.. I never workout. And I thought I can live without it, since I'm young and seems to be "healthy".

But things always go the other way round as you wish; things changes when you grow older. I am 28-to-be this year. No longer the young lady that can hang around, party all night long without being tired, and still stay fresh the next day. If I ever do that now, what you get the next day will be a zombie, not Audrey.

I had some health issue when I was 24. I never had whole body checkup before, so that time it suddenly hits me that maybe I should get it done. so I went. And that's the time I found out that I am actually not as healthy as I think I am. It wasn't cancer, if it was, I might not be typing this right now. lol.

In fact, what I had was said to be common among female. But I was only 24, not married, no kids, doc said it shouldn't be that huge. At the end, I spent lots of money that time to get it cured. Ever since then, I become more conscious of my diet. Cut down on fast food, junkie, sugar and etc. I cut down, not quit. Its hard to quit. I think the most excellent effort I did and I am proud of, is drinking more water. I don't drink much water previously because I am lazy to go to the washroom like every half an hour or so. But now, I am proud to say I drink at least 2.5 to 3 litres of water (just water) a day. I am happy that I actually manage to do it until now still doing it. But back then, I still did not exercise. I really hate it.

Only until the very recent months back, around end of August 2012 I started to gym. Starting, I am reluctant to go. Because I really don't like the feeling whereby all the men looking at me when I run on the treadmill. I feel like I'm being rape honestly. So, unless my friend is going or I will not go. But, things gone better after a few visits. I care less of the others and focus more on my workout. I think maybe its because I really feel good after gym that's why, I can't be bother how people stares or look at me. Haha.

I gym more often now, twice a week if I can. Frankly speaking, I never thought that exercise can make one feel so good. I feel fresher after workout, I sleep better at night, I wake up feeling good in the morning, I can be more focus on things and sorts. And as a bonus, I slim down, healthily. Its an all-in-one deal! It only brings you good and advantage, no cons! I am glad that I started my gym and workout before it is too late. I am not extremely healthy now, but it gets better. Prevention is better than cure, that's why it is really important to take good care of yourself. Not for anyone's sake, but your own.

Now, let me show you my gym gear. Its all.. presents.. (I'm a lucky girl, I know.. *^o^*) and I truly appreciate it and really thankful.

#Sports Bra from Sugoi

#Top from The North Face. Its really super super comfortable. Got it for SGD 27 after discount! worth it!
Both of these are from Runninglab @ Funan Singapore.

#Short from Reebok (from Shape Run 2012)

#Walkman W262 from Sony (Mine is an exclusive privilege piece as its the one and only one in the world, hehe)

Oh ya, not forgetting my new swim suit. I'm gonna learn swimming! very soon... =p

#Swim suit from TYR @ warehouse price. That's all from me. for now. hehe

Previously, I just simply put on any T-shirt and shorts, and shoe to gym. It's not even a running shoe which is really not a wise decision, don't do that as you will injured yourself. Get a proper gear. Proper doesn't mean branded. Branded ones sometimes doesn't even deliver the value as good as a normal piece. Go for the functions and values, unless you can afford it, that's your choice.

So My dear readers, If a 27 years-no-exercise lady can do it, its impossible for you not to do it. Start taking care of your health, watch your diet and exercising now. Come'on, let's stay healthy and happy together!

Have a great Holiday tomorrow to readers from Malaysia!!

Precious Readers