Resolution for 2013

By now, 2012 is a week away and 2013 is here, as in now, for a week.
Many of you must had your resolution for 2013 written, blogged, tweeted, instagrammed, or facebooked. I might be the last who blogged about resolution for a brand new year.
But, Never mind, that's me.. being late, I mean Unique.

There are couple of things that I would want to do and learn in 2013. And a couple of rules to stick to. And a couple of... yea, it will goes on and on.. lets just list them down.

Things to learn in 2013
  1. Swimming - yea, I can't swim. fml.. but Imma gonna learn it.
  2. Diving - now you know why I wanna learn swimming, because I have to know how to swim before I go for my diving license.
  3. Continue Japanese language class - I stopped my Japanese class somewhere end of 2011 as I thought i will be going to Japan for studies in April 2012 but in the end had to cancel due to the massive tragic earthquak. so i hope to resume it and really master Japanese.
  4. Rock climbing - This, seems fun! haha.. gonna give it a try~ soon. hahahah
  5. Stay positive - This is easier said than done, but Im gonna try my very best to stay focus and positive towards life. 
  6. Better EQ control - I'm a very emotional lady. I cried alot, over very tiny and silly things. Worse still, Very short temper, but it comes and goes fast. Would love to be able to control it before I offended everyone around me, leaving me behind as a lone ranger for the rest of my life.
  7. Drive safely & be more considerate to other road users - I have to admit. I'm one freaking bad road user. Maybe because I drive alot. I have to travel 40km to work, and another 40km back home. So, its really irritating to see some slow pokes that drives like a tortoise blocking my way. I normally will swear inside the car whenever I meet one, but (i think i'm really aging), i know that I was wrong for being arrogant. In fact, I'm learning to drive alot safer now compared to before, will continue to do so too~ ^_^
Things to do in 2013
  1. Get rid of my wisdom teeth - its really annoying having to clean deep deep inside the teeth as it is not fully grown. Plus, I really thinks that it cause my face to look more gigantic. 
  2. Fruits everyday - I decided to have fruits everyday! you know.. working.. sometimes its really hard to get a hold of one..
  3. 3 litres of water per day - I drink alot normally,up to 3 litres  But sometimes, you know, things happen, too cold, too busy and sorts. Now, I wanna it to be fixed. At least 3 litres per day is a must!
  4. Eliminate fast food AMAIC (as much as I can) - I love fast food! fried and unhealthy junk food are my favourite. but this year, REALLY. I'M GONNA KICK IT AMAIC. Cheers to healthier diet.
  5. Less meat, more veggie - This is easy to understand isn't it? I'm a meat eater. Really crave for meat alot. but I found that its not good. I will learn to change my diet from now on to less meat, MORE VEGGIE!
  6. Quit SUPPER - I actually quitted for 2 years till 2 weeks, until I had a short getaway to Penang for Christmas.. and all out of sudden, I crave for supper now again. 3 days it takes, to put off my 2 years effort..and I AM OFFICIALLY 52KG NOW! 2KGS in 3DAYS!! I blame it to non-stop eating spree in Penang for this.
  8. Make mummy smile/ laugh at least once a day - this is a continuous of last year resolution. Mummy had suffered alot, more than I can ever imagine. So I would really love to see her smile and laugh everyday. I think I did pretty well last year, so this will continue. In fact, this is a lifetime resolution. ^o^
  9. Gym at least 3 times a week - I started to gym very very recent, like 2 months back? Can you imagine a 27 years old lady who does no exercise at all in the past years? that's me. really. no exercise at all in my whole life. because i simply hate to sweat. and I really hate jogging. (not being proud and show off, but..) Girls that has bigger boobs really hate Jogging/ Running. but sometimes you just can't defeat time and ageing. It is really important to exercise to stay healthy. So, that's what i'm gonna do!
  10. Involve in more charity work - I really feel that I had committed too much sins. Really feel so guilty about it. so I will engage myself more in charity, let me astonish please! lol
Wow.. the list keeps going on.. but yea, basically that's all. Too much to handle? Maybe.. but I do believe that I can stick to it.. I think.. haha!
Well, good luck with all your resolutions, and good luck to myself.

Happy New Year 2013!! 

Precious Readers