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This is a short post on the visit to Ma Maison restaurant at Clarke Quay Singapore which actually happened last year sometime around end of November or early December.. Yea.. its almost half a year ago.. hahah
Went to Singapore that time to meet up friends. Did some shopping at Plaza Singapore, basically, window shopping~ haha

While shopping, I suddenly remember that I saw some TV show or ad showing special ice cream which is "cook" on some sort of stone. I asked my friend if he knows it and he said:
"Ah.. ya.. I think I know..but suddenly I can't remember the name.. erm... ermm... What again har.."
we were actually standing in front of this shop.
1 minutes later....
"Neh~~!!!!(pointing to the shop behind us) This is the one la.. ya.. ya... its Marble Slab!!"

They have variety of ice cream flavor to be chosen~~ I really wanna taste all of them!!!
but can not be so greedy.. so... after a long deep thought...

I choose Butter Pecan!

They mixed the topping together with the ice cream on a cold frozen stone~ I took a video of the making.. but I think I accidentally deleted it from my phone photo album.. Sorry~ >_<
Okay, after dessert.. we continue with some shopping and head off for dinner.
I didn't know where my friend is bringing me actually. He asked what I like, and I said..
[I love friend food, Fish, Western, Japanese, Ice cream..]
"Okay, I know where to bring you liao.."
So I just follow blindly.. I don't mind, as long as I'm fed.. haha..

So here we are, at Ma MaisonMa Maison its a Japanese-Western restaurant that serves Western dishes with an Asian twist (served with rich Japanese-style tomato or brown sauce).

They have ranges of food from hamburgers and pasta to tonkatsu, a pork cutlet in light Japanese breadcrumbs, fried and served with rice, pickles, and shredded cabbage. The house special is a comforting, rich beef stew.

Although it is a Japanese restaurant, the decoration is predominately French, I like!

We were lucky to get a table because its crowded.. and you know what? Its WINDOW SEAT!! woohoo!!!

You can have the night view of Clarke Quay in sight while you are dining~ romantic!!

So, if you come to this outlet at Central, try to get a window seat for views over the river and Clarke Quay!

I am famished! but still can have some self shot before the dish was served. Typical me~ haha

Yeah! food is here! Can't remember the name of this soup I think its Seafood Clamp soup (something along this)

I ordered a tonkatsu~ Its delicious! I love it!! I asked for more mayonnaise because I always eat Japanese pearl rice with mayonnaise.. I know its fattening but they are simply made for each other.. try it yourself then you will know what I am saying..

This is what my friend ordered. Seafood rice something like that.. Arghh.. can't remember all the dishes' name.. this is what will happen when you drag a post for too long.. you forget the details.. >_<

I really like the small details that they pay attention to. Love their decoration, Love the night view of Clarke Quay~

But, I love this room key the most! Creative isn't it? I almost wanna bring it home.. lol!
This room key is your table number, so when you bill, just bring the key to the counter, and you will have your bill.

So, if you are going out for a dinner date, consider bringing him or her to Ma Maison Central, and be sure to get the window seat for a nice view! Ma Maison Central is located at 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817‎. You can reach them at +65 6327 8122.
Ma Maison has several branches in Singapore, I have not been to the other branches, but you can check them out and share with me~ ^_^

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Ending the post with my LOTD (look of the day) for that day~
Gonna shower and facial and sleep!! Have a nice week to you~! ^_^

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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