My Sunday in Singapore

As I am typing this post now, I am sitting in front of the largest Buddha statue (I think it is) in Singapore.
If you do follow me on Twitter, Instagram or my facebook page you will know.. Yes.. I'm at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery again. Seems like I'm here pretty often huh? That's because my kareshi is having his Dharma class here but I am not attending together because I am not. So I just come along to either read or blog here (which is what I'm doing now) while he is having his class.

Honestly, I quite like it here. I always come to the 4th floor, the place where the giant Buddha lies. It is so peaceful that I can literally "see" peace and harmony. lol no joke man, it really makes me feel so calming and peaceful. I think even if the most evil person on earth is locked here, he will turn good in no time. Hehe..

The "Wu Xiang Dian- 无相殿"

The gigantic Buddha (look how tiny the guy is beside the statue)

Love the reflection of the doors..

Gonna start blogging. Lots of ideas flowing through! I guess this will be my next favorite spot to blog! hehe

I was here last week to read. This book by Barbara De Angelis is really a great book to read! The book belongs to Kareshi, he said is good and ask me to read. but I am reading it slower than usual. Its deep and I have to read slow enough to digest and fully adsorb what was written. (Maybe its just me not being smart enough)

The area is really big.. didn't explore it all.. I scare I will get lost~ hahaha
I look pale huh? lazy to put on makeup.. (not a good sign..oh no..)

Before we headed to the monastery, we had to drop by to kareshi's aunt's house so we had a simple lunch nearby. This is the best Chee Cheong Fun I think! its really delicious~!! and the serving is big~

This is similar to our black pearl.. but its beancurd~ not too bad.

After the Dharma class, me and kareshi went back to Johor Bahru for Karaoke at K Monster! Its Kareshi's treat! Frankly speaking, I can't sing well, hence I don't really go karaoke.. only went a few times with my Uni sistas, and my babies sistas.. I don't dare to sing in front of others except my only these two groups of sistas and friends.. but kareshi is different.. I don't know why I could just sing comfortably in front of him.. this shows that I am totally comfortable being with him I guess.. Kareshi should feel proud then~ hehe..
It was Sunday, I thought it would be quite expensive for karaoke but surprisingly the damage was still okay.. Its RM 18 per pax with free flow drinks for 3 hours.. Before we headed for the dharma class, we were listing the songs that we wanna sing, kareshi had his list going on and on until I told him that we only have 3 hours, you think you can cover these much of songs?? but then, after we are there, I realize... he can finish more than what he had prepared... lol

Apparently, 3 hours is not enough for the both of us! hahah but times up! so we head back to Kulai for dinner~ There were what we had. The meal cost around Rm50++ which kareshi thinks that its not expensive. His treat again! hehe

Butter cereal squid

Hong Kong style steam toufu

Sambal Kang Kong

If you would like to know more...
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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