Happy birthday Kareshi

It's my beloved kareshi's birthday! Although he doesn't celebrate birthday but I wanted to thank kareshi's okaasan (mum) for bringing him to this world~ A man who completes me.. I am thankful.. I am grateful..

I told kareshi about my thought and hope to have a dinner together with the family, he said its great~ so we arrange to have dinner at a restaurant that we all love. Coincidently, his imouto (sis)who has the same Chinese name as mine was thinking to buy him a cake so I told her we shall do it all on the same day which is his actual day. I invited her and her husband to join along, and also kareshi's obaasan (aunt, the youngest aunt).

We had a simple but yet satisfying dinner at Maggie restaurant. (I'd posted and tweeted this restaurant before). The MUST order is always the butter squid, Thai beehon, and sweet potato leaves. We also tried their sambal fish head, red rice wine chicken, and pumpkin prawn. It's really finger licking good! I have not eaten so full for a long time I guess. Here are some photos of the food.

We had the birthday cake after we went home. Imouto is really very thoughtful. She bought an egg-less cake as I'm allergy to egg. How sweet is she. Arigatou! ^_^

I did not buy any present for kareshi because of some reason, but to make it up. I hand wrote him a letter. A letter might be too normal, so I add on some touch to it. Kareshi said I'm creative. haha~
I did not post the letter as normal mail takes 2 weeks! and the ridiculous part is registered mail or post laju will cost RM25++!! What the heck, its just a normal letter! but they said its Singapore so its oversea.. =_= Its too expensive, not worth it. But I really hope that kareshi will received it like its posted (I love the feeling of receiving personal letter or parcel, opening it its like opening a gift, full with surprise).
So.. I think and think and think and I came up with an idea of using old received mails, scanned it, touch up the scanned photo, print it on the envelop, then tear the old stamp out and stick it on the new envelop, and tadahh~!! Looks like posted right? I placed it on his table before he came home. When kareshi first saw it he really thought that I mail posted it until I told him. hehe..

Actually before we came back for the cake. Kareshi attended to a guy who wants to view his bike (kareshi's is selling his Dragstar bobber as he wants to change to a more practical bike that allows him to travel to Malaysia to see me). The viewer is a very nice man. An adult I would say. The previous viewer are kids.
Here are some photos of my kareshi's creation.

Its a sexy baby isn't it? Do you know how it looks like before the "reborn"?
Let me show you.. but first, please Hold on to your jaw~!

Taadahh!! The before!! Its ugly I would say even I'm not into bike but I still have some sense of beauty. This is definitely a No-No. After the kareshi's magic touch to it..
It turns into the one and only Sexy Yakuza Bobber~!! Hehe~

29.3.13 Good Friday
We were suppose to go to Singapore Zoo today but something bad happened so we had to cancel our plan. So we had a quick but not so quick lunch at Tekka market. Finally had a chance to try this western stall. Kareshi loves it, keep saying that its great for a hawker standard but every time we came here its always closed!! Today its our lucky day I guess! must try it!

I had a Chicken Cutlet

and kareshi had a fish and chip!

So after lunch, we went to settle the emergency thing. Its a sad thing. but that's life, that's why we must always cherish whatever we have now and be grateful.

but I guess our day wasn't that bad after all. we had some really great news too! The viewer from last night text and said he wants the bike and hope to deal by today! Woohoo!!! Awesome news to start the day with! So things arranged, and bike sold!! Congrats to kareshi! The second best birthday present ever! (He said the best is me~ lol so sweet!)

We went to buy Garrett Popcorn (kareshi has been telling me that this is the best popcorn ever!) at Citylink plaza, and bought bubble teas. These are for our home movie later at night~ hehe. After buying all the stuffs, we had dinner at Ichiban plaza Singapore.

We always have their sushi, never tried their bento set before. Kareshi said he loves the sushi the best!
Crispy Spicy Tuna Mayo & Spicy Cheese Salmon

Fried Salmon Roll
Chuka Hotate & Chuka Iidako

Ebi Oyako

Golden Catch

Don't under estimate just these rice balls I tell ya~ We had 9 plates of sushi and both of us were extremely full. Really... I can barely move myself.. lol. We went home straight after the dinner, shower and..
Garrett Popcorn~!

Okay, time for home movie~~ Ending the post with my look of the day~ haha
See ya again soon~

If you would like to know more...
Tekka Markethttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tekka_Centre
Ichiban Sushihttp://www.ichibansushi.com.sg/
Garrett Popcornhttp://www.garrettpopcorn.com/singapore-locations/
Garrett Popcorn Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/GarrettPopcornSG

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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