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Recently I am finally awake and get real motivated to keep fit and get toned because I realize I have been putting on so much weight and I am drifting further from my ideal weight of 44kg! It's almost 10 kg away now.. *omg! How can I let myself go to this extend! (I was 50 kg +/- before)

My motivation came from Laura. I read an article on the newspaper earlier on about Laura Patricia who manage to slim down 24 kg in 2 years. That is so amazing! After reading her story, I am like.. "She can, why can't I?"

Lets backforward a little, Two years back, I was 58 kg +/- (sometimes even hit 60, =_='') I slimmed down to 48 kg within 4 months (in a very unhealthy way) the slimmest me hit 46 kg. but later on, I maintain it around 50 kg. I am those kind that put on weight freaking easily. Just by an extra bite and I am fat! But to get rid of that extra bite, it takes forever. Really damn irritating.

Okay lets come Back to Recent months, I think I have been eating too much, way too much that my weight now is 53-54 kg! I must be insane!!! How can I forget the hard time I have been through to not be fat! Now I am heading toward the "FATTY" nick name again! Oh gosh! Really wish to slap my own face. 

But what has been done, it's done! Fine, i will accept it. and I Thank god that I realize it now but not too late after~ so I cut down on my intake again, by cutting down do not mean to skip. Regular meals are important! I now have lesser rice, more veggie, less meat, more fruits. Oh and not forgetting that I drink tones of water, roughly 3 liters per day.

On top of that, I must really thank Laura. Because of her, I get to know about the girls from tone it up! Katrina & Karena! These girls are amazing! I went to their blog/website, signed up for bikini series, subscribe to updates, and subscribed their youtube channel. So Everyday now, I will have my workout session with them (following their workout video on YouTube) and they are really super sweet to provide printable sheets for each workout too!
I turned all the printable version into a book, like a manual script. It is now my precious! And I know, this book will keep growing. 

The daily "must do" now is to visit their site for updates, logged into community, and check-in! It's been a lovely 2 weeks so far~ Daily routine now is a 20-30 mins cardio around 6.30pm after my work, and continue tiu (tone it up) workout for around 2 hours or more. I take my sweet time while following the videos because I want to make sure I am doing it right. No point rushing but doing it all wrong. 

Oh ya, it's only 2 or 3 days ago I found out that tone it up girls actually have an app for smartphone. Go to apple store and search for "tone it up", it's not free, but its not expensive, USD 0.99. I have downloaded it! It's easier for you to access to the community without using pc so that I can check-in and stay motivated. You know how easily people get demotivated nowadays. Too many distraction.

The tone it up girls actually have a complete nutrition plan for all those who wish to keep fit and stay healthy. To join, it's only USD 150 for lifetime. You will get all the previous sheets and info and all future updates. Come to think of it, it's actually worth the invest isn't it? But I am still in a dilemma. I am allergy to egg and yeast and god knows what else, and i don't eat raw veggie! so unless they can provide me a customize plan or it will be useless to me. I have not email them yet to enquire because I am still thinking... HmmMmMMMmm.........
Should I? Okay, give me some time to think about it.

Anyway, there are a couple of apps that I am using and find it really useful for daily tracking on my progress, I will share them but it will not be in this post but coming soon, So stay tune!

Meanwhile, go check out tone it up! Or you may visit Laura Patricia's fb to read on her story if you are interested.

If you would like to know more..
Tone it up

Don't forget to Check them on twitter and Instagram @toneitup to stay motivated all the time!

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