My Worry for Johor - Abdul Ghani

Today when I read through the papers, I saw this advertisement. I prefer to call it a letter actually. Its a letter that really draws my attention. I read it with a neutral stand and I would say, Ghani has sent a powerful message.

The below shared is the letter he wrote to the Chinese. There will be both English and Chinese version. Enjoy.

My Worry for Johor

Dear friends,

When I make my way to the office every morning, I pass by different places of worship. First, on my left, there is a church and soon after, I pass by another church, after that, I see a Sikh temple, a Buddhist temple and before I reach my office, I pass by a mosque. This path which I take daily always reminds me that we live in a special country where people of different ethnicities and religions live side-by-side in harmony and unity. From the very beginning, this has been our cherished way of life.

Although I can’t speak or read Chinese, I learned two Chinese characters a long time ago – Zhong Yong (中庸) – which means Moderation, It is not just philosophical principle. I use this principle to govern Johor and have always found it fitting and suitable. Here in Gelang Patah, over half of the population is Chinese. And throughout the state, there is sizeable Chinese community. This is why Chinese culture and education has been given much attention in Johor. Just as I have paid attention to the needs of other communities, I have also seen to the needs of the Chinese. This is how we have been able to sustain prosperity and harmony among the different communities over the past 18 years. In so many ways, moderation has been our most powerful asset in Johor.

I call it the “Johor Way” and we have been living this way for a very long time now.

However, in recent days, I am finding that the Johor Way is being destroyed by some political leaders. They use hostile words to stir the emotions of Chinese voters to demonstrate their dissatisfaction towards the government. I believe the government is definitely responsible for doing a better job. Democracy is the right way to push the government forward. However, this time, I am deeply worried that the moderate Johor Way will be crushed completely by cunning political manipulation.

To be honest, I dislike finger-pointing and cannot scold my political opponent. Although the competition is fierce, with confrontational tactics being used by the other side in the last few days, I have rejected the aggressive approach. I believe my track record and solid performance will speak for themselves. The voters know that my management style for almost two decades has been to emphasize moderation, never polarization. Always to seek harmony and never to play each side against the other. If dividing & polarizing can win the election then, to me, the winner is still the loser.

The election will end soon, but harmony must be preserved forever. Moderation, which underpins the Johor Way, is what I learned from Chinese culture. Now, I am facing a competitor who is reaching out to the Chinese using “anti-moderation” tactics which he is very good at. How ironic this is – because such strategy goes against all that is good and honourable in Chinese philosophy and culture. This will indeed be a great test and challenge to me and my fellow voters in Johor.

My dear friends, I believe you will stand with me to safeguard our “Johor Way


每天早晨在上班的路上,我总会经过不同的膜拜场所。先是一所基督教堂在我的左手边,很快地,又有另一所基督教堂出现在我眼前。之后,我看到一座锡克庙,接着是一座佛寺。就在我抵达办公室之前,我经过一座清真寺。这每天必经的路程总是提醒我,我们身处一个多元种族和宗教的国家中, 和谐和团结是最重要的课题。

我虽然不懂中文,但我很久以前就学会了两个中文字- 中庸,我不止喜欢中庸的哲学思想,把它运用在柔佛州施政上,更是恰当。华人在振林山国会议席占有过半数人口,支持中华文化和华教一直是柔佛州最重要的政策之一,我相信也因为如此,持续繁荣并保持各种族社区的和谐稳定,绝对是柔佛州最强大的资产。



坦白说, 我不善于用指责和谩骂来和对手竞争,即使在这几天选情如此对立激化的情况下,我的竞选团队强烈建议我采用积极的攻击手段,都被我拒绝了,因为政绩就是最好的竞选文选,柔佛州的华人选民看得到18年开我在这里的执政理念,是中庸而非对立,是和谐而非分化,如果制造对立和分化就可以赢得选举,那既是任何一人当选,都是输家!

选举是一时的,和谐是永远的,我从中华文化中学到中庸之道,现在却要面临我的对手用他们最擅长的 “反中庸之道” 来打击我,这不只是历史的讽刺,也是我和柔佛州选民的严峻考验。

亲爱的朋友,我相信你们和我一样,都会捍卫我们的 “柔佛模式”

I have read. Analysed. And my Stand still stands.

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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