The black day 05.05.13, Ubah!

This was a day where all fellow Malaysians are excited for..
For a brighter future, for better Malaysia.
But yet many times, reality shows you the other way.

This is a day where all true Anak Malaysia will never forget.
Its ugly, its dark.

05.05.13, the day of Malaysia's 13th general election, the day of "hope of change".
We called it The Ubah day.
Every single Anak Malaysia had gave out their best to help, to contribute to a fair and clean election that the people urge and longed for don't know how many years. There were high hopes for a change, the people see lights shining through the thickest cloud. But, the higher your hope is, the greater you will fall. We all had a great fall that night. A Real hard one. But, frankly speaking, I expected that. I have hopes, but I do have myself mentally prepared for the worst. Because I know BX will not stay put and give up the power they held for half a century. It is only normal that they resort ways to retain what they have now, because that's human. The greed. (I am not supporting their actions but the matter of fact, human greeds. It's just to what extend.)

The surface outcome shows opposition as a loser, but calm down and think people, did they lose? They might lost the seats, they might lose to dirty plots such as phantom voters, electricity cut off, swapping of ballots, and more, but really, did they lose?

No! Not to me. And I believe the same goes to all the people of Malaysia. BX can resort all kind of tricks to gain the seats, BX may use all sorts of tricks and plots to win the election, but there's nothing BX can do to gain the hearts, the hearts of Anak Malaysia. Not after showing us how dirty and low he is willing to go as long as he is able to stay in power.

From the statistic, PR won 7 more parliament seats from 82 to 89 and from 197 state seats to 230 compared to 2008 GE. And PR even broke the BX stronghold Johor by winning 5 parliament and 18 state seats! Can you still say the PR had lost? It's was a huge leap! These can't be done just by Chinese voters, it's by all true Anak Malaysia! It's a result we should be proud of!

His (you know who) biggest fear is always US. The Anak Malaysia to unite. Hence, he is with his good old tricks again after claiming his power back on the crown. A "Chinese Tsunami" he called. A "two-race politic" claim Chua Soi Lek. Is that so? We Anak Malaysia are not blind, we are not deaf, and we are not idiots! It's the "MALAYSIA TSUNAMI" idiots! Open your eyes and see clearly BX!! Stop running from your own failure and tries to scapegoat it!!! We see you!!!

Hence, my dear fellow young Anak Malaysia, I know the fall from yesterday night crashed you hard, it was so hard that some of you may have broken, some of you may have given up, some of you are so angry and you lost your rational, but I sincerely urge you, take a deep breath, calm down, and see. Not seeing with your eye but your heart and analyse. Don't fall into prey of BX, don't give them the opportunity to catch PR red handed, don't be trapped inside the racist issue they try to create. Dear folks, let's get our head straight, what we want? Why is this democracy war initiated? Think! Races should not be the issue for the Anak Malaysia because we have evolve far beyond that! What exactly we want? All we want is a fair and clean Malaysia for all isn't it? So please, hold to your stand, and never let go.

The path of democracy is never easy. Never short. The war has only just began, and you are telling me you are done? Where is the UBAH SPIRIT that you sing loud for? Where is the pride you hold high for? It is too early to give up, not just yet my dear friends. Not now. Today, 06.05.13, I allow you to grief, to mourn, to be black. But remember, just today.
While grieving, be thankful. Thanks to BX for being so dirty and low, because of that, we see clearly how powerful we are. Because of that, we are together as one! 

Tears of Malaysia (泪光)~ Bersih tribute song

When the sun shines tomorrow, get on your feet. And let's fight the war together, side by side, shoulder by shoulder.

We Anak Malaysia, are fighters.
We are warriors.

DAP theme song: Ubah (Malay)

Negara-ku, Tanggungjawab Bersama
Masa Depan, Milik Kita Semua
Jalan berliku, tentu mencabar
Bersama kita harungi

Orang muda, pikul harapan bangsa
Mara Depan, Negara tentu Cerah
Kuat semangat, kita berjuang
Bersama menuju, cita-cita rakyat

Ubah, Selamatkanlah Malaysia
Bersama pahatkan sejarah
Buka lembaran baru
Sama-sama kita menuju
perubahan di tangan mu

Ubah Sekarang! Selamatkan Malaysia!

DAP theme song:明天(Chinese)


看見陽光 把我们夢想照亮
路還很長 但不再迷失方向
別害怕黑暗 總會有星光
別沮喪 愛就有希望 

勇敢想像 未來要變成怎樣
不再彷徨 光明日子在前方
有多少艱難 你我一起闯
共同献出力量 天空就會晴朗 

明天 讓我們掀開新的一頁


Its a black day, but yet a UBAH day.
A True Malaysian day

~Live to Ubah Ubah to Live~

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