Gelish Manicure at Ido's

Somewhere around Mid April
I blogged about Ido's peeling treatment 2 months back (please read it here). Ido's then gave me a complimentary session for manicure and pedicure, so this will be my first time going to the 2nd floor to their beauty center (I always go to level one, clinical floor)

The area for mani & pedi wasn't very big, just 2 massage chairs and big mirror!

Foiling and shaping

Applying dryer coat

Applying base coat and first layer of gel polish

smooth it out and apply the translucent gold color as first color

then add on with red color

goes under the ultra lights to get it dried fast and apply the middle pink color~

Finish it with top coat and...
Tadah!! But kareshi said it looks like my fingers are bleeding! Lol.. I came back another day for pedi because don't have enough time for both that day.

While I'm having my pedi, I was served with dessert some more~! Nice Loh! Thank you for the treat Ido's!! I am grateful~

Few days ago, Ido's called me up and give me another free manicure~ i was kinda surprised but accept it with gratitude (who doesn't likes free things?) lol

I allow her to do freely whatever she wants to do and this is what she gave me. I think she really likes red color! Hehe~
New nails, just nice for wedding dinner this coming Saturday!

Oh, not forgetting to mentioned that all product used are O.P.I~

Adios~ ^_^

*This post is to express my gratitude towards the complimentary treatments I received although its not expensive but it still means something~ Thank you once again! ^_^

I need your Love~♥

♥~Live to Dream′Dream to Live~♥

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