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Hello there! I am flying off to Ho Chi Minh for my holiday with kareshi next Friday, so before I head off, here is something really great for you! Read if or you will regret. Really.

I have been doing the secret prayer for quite sometime now, although there are some cheat days (sorry XD). I am not sure how well it works, but it definitely helps me keeping positive mind, so I guess it works in a way.

In my thank you speech (not really a prayer actually), I Thank the universe for everything. I thank for a brand new day, thank for having the world awesomest kareshi, thank for a lovely family, thank for that I am still breathing. And of course I really thank the universe that I can SEE the beautiful world and that I have no myopia (near sighted) nor hyperopia (farsighted).

I am truly grateful that I can SEE the world with my own eyes, but I am also vain. Who doesn't want to look pretty right? Although I have no eye-sight problem but I still wear cosmetic lens time to time, and of course, wear it with proper care.

I have dry eyes, so I can't wear them all day long. I have tried many but most of them doesn't work on my super dry eyes (I cried too much doc said) but few years back, I found Blincon. Its the most comfortable lens I've tried and its the only lens that can stay on my eye balls for the longest I can endure! I swear, it was like hitting a jackpot, I can finally be vain with some nice lens on.

Wearing Blincon BB Purple and BB Pink

Love to try out different colors~ but definitely prefer bright and daring colors~

But the downside is ITS EXPENSIVE! I still remember buying it at RM 90 for a 3 months disposable lens. Its EXPENSIVE that I always have to struggle whether to buy when I have ran out mine. Being pretty has its price to pay.

But!! Guess what! My prayers works! The universe send me Glassesonline!

Thanks to Glassesonline I can buy them so much cheaper! Its only RM 39 per pair! SAVE RM 51!! That's a lot man! Notice the bottom right of the photo, Glassesonline even provide you the service to deliver your lens to you promptly, no more forgetting to restock now. Its really sweet isn't it? They have plenty of brands for your choice and not only cosmetic lens, they also carries sunglasses and sports glasses too! You just have to visit them yourself. REALLY.

If you have dry eyes like me, and wanna try out blincon or any other brand cosmetic lens that Glassesonline carries, Here's a very good news! I am holding my very first GIVEAWAY! All you need to do is to tell me how a cosmetic lens change your look. Send me your comparison collage photo with AND without color lens (with or without makeup is up to your preference) to I will pick a best winner to win a cosmetic lens giveaway (not more than RM 50 of your brand choice). Please submit your entries before 24 July, 2013.

What if you did not win? No worries, I have a gift code for you! You may enter "GOheaventears20" to entitle a RM 20 OFF for every RM 100 spent!

Start sending you collage photo and happy shopping at Glassesonline with "GOheaventears20" code for discount!

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~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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