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Here I am, its Grill bar again! After catching up with Joey at the dinner at Maio Restaurant that night (read about it here), we decided to have a dinner again on Thursday (20.06.13) and we chose Grill Bar again!

Although Joey has left us for 4 months now (I sound like he is gone but no, not that. He left for another company. Read about his farewell dinner with us here) but it never seems to be that long or I should say I never felt that he is gone. Maybe the reason why is because he still stays in a group chat with us, so he is always here with us. Its always a joy to see him again.

The first time I visited Grill bar was with Joey and colleagues (read it here), this second time is also with Joey and colleagues~ I like grill bar. The food is nice, the ID is nice too! I know I have taken and posted photos of the restaurant in my previous post on Grill bar, but it still doesn't stop me from taking more photos and to share it here again.

Small deco on the shelf

I really like this photo wall, very old school.

The counter. Behind the door is the kitchen. The guy with cap behind the door is Gary the chef cum owner.

Alicia, Rajes and me reached earlier, so I have time to explore more in Grill Bar and I found this small tiny bike! Wonder if it can be function.

I really love this "Live to Ride, Ride to Live" poster! I think I am influenced by Kareshi, because my Kareshi is also a biker. hehe~

Special of the night! Whoops! Its Cod Fish!

Because we were there early, and Joey is still stuck in the causeway jam so while waiting, we ordered drinks and dipping fries to feed our roaring stomach first.

I love milkshake. And this looks promising, so bring it on.

I ordered the oreo milkshake, and guess what? Its freaking good! I LOVE! MAX LOVE!

You can choose with or without whipped cream. Mine is without but the one in the photo is belongs to my colleague.

While we were happily enjoying our drinks and the fries, I had a surprised.

Look at that! Its Mexican Quesadillas treat from Gary the chef! and... Its really really REALLY GOOD! I love LOVE it! But, its off menu~ heheh

Another shot I took and word it with an phone app. (I found out the exact spelling of Casadilia Quesadillas from my Mexican friend after I edit the photo.) Apparently Queso = Cheese.

Grill Bar is famous with Beef. But too bad I don't take beef. If any of you are a beef eater, You MUST try their beef!

Okay, I'm gonna share with you all the food that we ordered that night, but sadly I can't remember all the dish name. Gary, if you read this, leave me a comment for the names of the dish please~ lol.

Duno what Mushroom Chicken

This is also chicken but really duno the name. FORGIVE ME PLEASE!

Rib eye beef! or is it Lamb that Joey ordered? LOL

Gary! Help! I can't tell which is which! IS the lamb or beef? hahahahahahahaahh

Mine! Fried Cod Fish with Chips! Wait! how come it looks like grilled?

Oh! There's grilled and fried ones.. wonder if its specially made for me or what.. lol!

After the main course, all of us basically quite full but how can you missed Grill Bar's dessert? so the classic one..
Waffle and Chocolate lava (no photo of the chocolate lava this time because they eat it before I manage to snap a photo of it.)

and something new.. Strawberry tart

and Another surprise from Gary!

Caramelize Banana dessert on the house! its so good!!

If you would like to know more...
Contact number: 07-3333400
Address: 202, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Remember to Call them for reservation!

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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