Jay Opus Concert Singapore 2013

People who knows me, knows I love Jay Chou a lot. But I had never been to any of his concert. Used to have 2 chances to go to his concert for free (with free ticket), but mummy admitted to hospital for surgery on the same date of the first concert; and then my STPM exam on the same day of the second concert, both went down to the drain. When the third concert "The Era" was announced, I was so looking forward to it, but when they officially announced the date, it slapped me right on the face again! BECAUSE I WILL BE AT TAIPEI ON THAT DAY! Why??!!! ALWAYS NOT FATED!! Then I told myself, the next concert, I DIE DIE ALSO WILL GO! NO MATTER WHAT! Because it will be my last chance to go to his concert before I turn 30. (30 sounds like an aunty ady, want to go as 20+ young adult ma~ hahahaah!)

I have never thought that I have love him for so long until his OPUS tour concert news announced. I calculated and I got SHOCKED! its been 12 YEARS!! 12 FREAKING YEARS!! That's almost half of my life span up to now~ Oh my gosh! This time I DIE DIE ALSO WANT TO GO so I tired all my ways to get a hold of the ticket.. but... BUT.. NO LUCK! All sold off within half an hour in the premium sale opening. I was like, you gotta be kidding me??!!?? NOT AGAIN!!! Then I heard that the Scalped tickets went up so sky high to $800 for 2 (original price $90 for 1). WHAT?? Those people who grab the tickets are not even interested in the concert! They just wanna daylight rob the fans!! This is so wrong! ARGHHHH!

Just when I thought its hopeless, gone case again this time, Kareshi appeared like an angel.
He gave me an entry to the OPUS!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!
He got me a ticket!! He got me a freaking ticket!!!!!!!!!!
I really feel like jumping off my desk and do break dance when he break the news to me! (No i can't dance)
I wanna hug him so tight and kiss him non stop~ lol
I wanna scream!!!! AhHh~~hHhhhhHhhhh~~~~~ (sorry, i went crazy. Back to normal now.)

06.06.2013- The actual day, I can't concentrate on work, I am too excited, too nervous that I can not focus at all. Just can't wait to see Jay (not really SEE him because...SEE below)
I can't see him but only tiny figurine walking here and there. (I am not complaining, I am so grateful to be just inside the stadium!) I was almost late for the concert because of heavy traffic, Kareshi asked me to get off the car and took train to stadium instead, and lucky I did that, because just when I found my seat and lay my ass down, the concert begins! Phew! just in time!

I immediately text my kareshi because I really want to cry when I heard Jay singing... T_T

I have been to Mayday concert in Genting, I have been to Ah Mei concert in KL, this is my third concert but the first in Singapore. I can tell you, Singaporeans are too "guai" (obedient) all sit down properly.. no screaming.. no nothing.. its really less "energetic" and "happening" than Malaysia. Although everyone around me sit down and listen quietly, but I still manage to enjoy myself in my way~

The pink wave. Everyone is using pink glow stick! so beautiful lo!

and Jay is using hot pink mic that night! everything in pink!!

Confetti in the air. That night, Jay performed lots of his old songs which really really brings back lots and lots of memories~ He touched my heart again, that night. Jay also did a premium release of his new songs for his new movie "The Roof" coming soon in July, we are the first to hear it! Woohoo!

I didn't bring my camera! This is the best my iphone 5 can do! so please bear with it.. 

Encore.. Encore.. Encore.. Encore... After almost an hour encore, the concert came to a close.

But no one is leaving! Giant balloons, confetti, and the unwillingness to leave~ still can't believe 2.5 hours had passed! Too fast! I don't want it to end!!

Out of sudden, Jay reappear on the stage! Those that were steeping out, rushed back in! lol

I ran down to the walkway to take this photo, no one can stop me! After the very last song, as usual he intro his band to the public~

One last shot of him! Bye Bye Jay~ We had a great night, hope you had the best too!

Thank you kareshi~ Thank you kareshi's imouto (Shavin) for helping to get the tickets~
I had the best awesome night ever!

After the concert, they are still many people queuing to buy Jay's peripherals products. I did not queue for it. I am a fan of Jay, I really am but I am not those hardcore fans that can memorize his biodata, has all his songs' title in mind, possess all his peripherals products and CDs, DVDs. I can't do it and I don't see a need for it. I love him and I do not care a shit about his scandals, really I don't care. All I care is his music, his talent. That's all that matters, and I believe that's all that matters to him too. People who sees him as him, not his scandals. 

Although the concert has ended, but our date has not. See you again on "The Roof". I have quite a number of videos of the night but I am not posting it here because Jay's Malaysia concert has not started yet, and if you want to know what happens in the concert, go get his DVD when its out~ haha~

Okay, almost the end of the post, but let me show you My makeup of the day and OOTD. I put on clean K-ish makeup (except my brows are not straight enough I think). OOTD is Daisy Top from random shop many years ago, Army shorts from Foruchizu, sandals from Jelly bunny.

Okay, that's all for today. Ending the post with selfies~ haah~

While waiting for kareshi to pick me up to concert~
[Thank you kareshi for fulfilling my wish..]"No problem baby, I will slowly fulfill all your wish.."
That.. is the sweetest words I have ever heard..

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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