The No-No Man

In this modern era, many man and woman tend to be celibatarian or spinster. They support marriage free. And we all know what causes this. Too many tragedy, too many hearts broken and too many twisted hearts.

When I was young as a girl, I adore and dream of getting married with the ONE and ONLY ONE in the world who loves me like I am his WORLD. The dream wedding. and I grew up looking forward.

Time passes, people change. Including me. Being in my previous job allows me to widen my eyes and submerge me with lots of ugly truth. I have seen man buying property for mistress which he had came to me previously with his wife (which I thought they were very loving). That hit me hard. Because they really seems to be very very loving and caring. Maybe the wife was kept in the dark, I don't know. And I certainly look awkward when he came to me with the mistress (he really dare to have the jerk to come to me again. I tell his wife then he knows, ishh!). I have seen 60+ old man tries to be funny towards young sales girl, bride them with money and sorts. I have seen a mother of two yet still flirts among old man, touching, hugging, kissing and who knows what behind the screen. I have seen enough that it has slowly changed and shaken my faith towards marriage to a point where I myself tend to be a spinster. I was afraid of marriage. I have no trust in love. This is just sad!

Until I met him. Kareshi. Everything changed. It is so true that the old folks say: "Don't judge too fast, The world you know, The self you thought you are, will change when you met HIM/ HER. Its a matter of time." I don't believe it until my time has come. The moment I saw kareshi, I know. I just know. lol Whatever fear, what rubbish distrust in love vanish right away. From that moment I know, I HELL not gonna be a spinster. Give me my dream wedding! haha. No, I am not desperate. I'm just trying to express my feelings. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR HAVING KARESHI IN MY LIFE! Thank you universe! Thank you Buddha! Thank you Lord! Thank you all living! 

There's no absolute ways to prevent an unhappy marriage, but there are certainly some thing you can do to avoid ending up one. The very first thing to begin with is to Choose wisely. Woman must really choice your man wisely. Or you will be sorry. Of course you will never know, because people change. But, what you can do is don't start with someone who are clearly known to be problematic.

Here are the 8 types of "No-No" man.

Decadent type

I HATE man who are not Aspirant. REALLY. A man who has no motive, non-striving is just disgusting despite you have a charming face, you are not charming at all. If you marry this man, Don't expect to have improvement in life, maybe he is waiting for you feed him or even live his life for him. *faint

Insidious type

A guy that you can never read his mind is dangerous. You will never know what is he plotting up or what he is scheming against to. Its like living in the dark and never know when will you be stabbed from the back. Always guessing. Mental war game ain't fun. 

Womanizer type

You will never be the sole apple in the eyes of a Fickle man. Unless you have hyper tolerance to be able to endure all the disloyalty and stresses or else stay away. Because these men are most likely to engage in an affair, which I CAN NOT tolerate.

Just imagine coming home seeing your husband like that. I just can not. What happen in the past has passed, and I don't care. What I care is things after both being together. When you are with me, stay with me. Agree?

Triad type

"WAaaaaa TaaaHhhh~~" Men who thinks that they are Bruce Lee and like fights may one day just got you involved! and plus, you will have to always worried about his safety. Why find yourself trouble right?

Problem type

Bisexual, Oedipus, Pedophilia.. oh no.. you do not want to go into that. Really. These are just messed up.

Coward type

Timid! Scare of everything! so if someone bully you, do not expect he will be there for you. Do not hope that he will protect you. Who knows, he might be the one hiding behind your back. Pathetic.

Web/Game Geek type
In his world there's only Internet and games, his lover is Xbox, ps but never you. So why suffer? 

Narcissistic type
To him, he only sees himself the best, others are nothing, including you. A man that thinks he is the world, a man who does not see your good and beauty, does not appreciate your effort, you do not have to see his too.

Thank god that my kareshi is non of the above mentioned! I feel like i am the luckiest woman in the world for having him in my life~ but he does has a slightly shorter wire than the others, that's why he tends to fire up quite fast but I know just how to put out the fire. That's what make us perfect for each other I think. lol 

So which type of man is your Biggest No-No? Let me know in the comment~ ^_^

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~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


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