Amos Goes Oily Famous

Hmm.. I think no one does not know Famous Amos. I've been eating it for like 20+ years. I always love it. Always. No fail.

Last time You can't find it anywhere in JB but only in Senai airport which I accidentally found out. From time to time (like once in a blue moon) I will purposely drive to airport to buy, or other times, Chariot (my busy baby) will buy for me if she goes to KL.

Recently, a new outlet has just opened in Johor Bahru City Square mall. I was looking forward to it. Really. That's why I bought 300g that day thinking to give mummy a treat of cookies, but I end up disappointed.

The chocolate chip with pecan nut cookies has the oil smell ( smelly oil smell when it's kept for too long) that I just can not. I was angry because, for so many years, it has not once I had this, it's the first time I felt let Down. I decided to ask for a change the next day. So next day during lunch, I went.

I told the lady that I bought it yesterday but it has the oily smell. Initially, she denied saying that it's freshly baked so it can't be. I said, you go ahead and try. She then gave me a piece from the new ones to try, it's better but sorry to say that the oily taste is still there. I suspect it's the pecan nut they use. Might be kept for too long before use or something.

But in the end,she is willing to change my biscuits for me but I chose butterscotch over chocolate chip ones because I really can not take it. 

Although I was really disappointed with the quality but the service sorta make it up a lil.
At last, happy mummy with mouth full of Amos~

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend~!
I had fun with mine, will blog about it soon. I think I still owe you my Vietnam post. Lol

(p/s: I know this is not really a post, more like a half ass post. Haha~ but its holiday! Chill =p)

That's all for today~ ciao~

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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