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Hello there. Its my birthday month if you read the previous post, I did mentioned about it. I am happy. Super happy! Happy until I feel like shop until the last bit of my penny (I know its crazy but sometimes you just have the urge to just shop and shop and shop, I know you babes understand, hehe). Have you heard of Ahai Shopping? They have a great selection of nice outfits! Plus, Ahai Shopping is offering an irresistible deal right now! Their clothes are as cheap as $9.99!! OMG!!! FREE SHIPPING some more! OOOMG!!! How can? You don't believe? Check it for yourself here AhaiShopping $9.99 Free Shipping.

Brief intro on AhaiShopping before I start anything.

Ahai Shopping, A Korean & Street Style Women's Fashion Clothing Online Store offering women’s apparel, dresses, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, etc. Special Offers Only $9.99 & Free shipping Eeveryday. Sponsor Giveaways on Facebook Eevey Week, Join Us to Win!
Okay, here we go! Since I am so happy, I wanna make you happy too. Am I nice? ^o^ Can guess what I'm gonna do? Oh yes, You got it right! (Its obvious from the post title itself though, muahaha) Its another giveaway! My first ever giveaway was a pair of color lens, congrats to the winner! you know who you are, your lens is on its way~ ^_^ This time round, Ahai Shopping is going to give you fashion pieces worth $30!!

Prizes (could be No.1 or No.2 depends on amount of participants) :
1. $15 cash bonus (to be used on Ahai Shopping website) to winners.
2. Free clothes worth $30 if there are more than 100 valid entries (100 contestants). You may choose 2 pieces from the relative category stated below.

These are some samples of the giveaway prizes.

To enter the giveaway, there are some things you need to do. You don't really expect to do nothing and get free clothes do you? Here's what you need to do (just a few clicks):

1. Like them on Facebook:
2. Follow them on Google+:
3. Follow them on Twitter: (optional)
4. Follow them on Pinterest: (optional)
5. Comment your Facebook Name and your favorite items' url links on the comment box below so that I know who participated in the activity and what you want to win.

All above are mandatory actions except no.3 and no.4 to be consider as valid entries. Remember to follow all the rules to be valid, or else I am sorry.

Additionally, you may also.... (optional)
1. Like A Walk With Aud
2. Follow awalkwithaud in Instagram
3. Follow awalkwithaud on Imotiv

At the end of the giveaway, There will be 2 winners chosen at random. Each winner will win the prizes as above said.

Oh oh, have I not tell you that Ahai Shopping provides FREE shipping worldwide?? so this is an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY opened for worldwide. So call out your sisters, babes and join!

I just can't stop browsing through the pieces now. Can I buy them all?
Aren't they lovely? Wanna get one? Faster join the giveaway now! Who knows you might be the lucky one! I will contact the winner after the giveaway ends. Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email, else it will be disqualified. Hence the chance will be given to others.

Enter the giveaway here:
So, now you know, in order to win the bigger prize which is $30 clothes, it has to have at least 100 valid entries. So SPREAD THE WORDS. Invite your family and friends to join! Simply copy the links below and paste it to your site. Share it, tweet it, instagram it or even blog about it!

Code to link on sidebar (optional):
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Code for Blog Post (optional):
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or Embed the widget to your site by sharing this link!

Thank you and Good Luck~ 

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