Extraodinary Bus Ride

Hi there. Its been a week since I started taking bus to work. How was it? So far so good. It has been pleasant. I guess the main reason is because of the bus driver. Every morning, I will arrive at the terminal around 7.15 am, bus leaves 2 mins before 7.20 am, Sharp. Never late, never early.

Today, I am sitting at my favourite seat again in my favourite bus with my favourite bus driver and bus operator. 
The two of them (red and mint green on the right, left is passenger) now recognized me. Every morning they will greet me with cheerful smile on the face. That makes a huge different. Mood will be brighten up straight away. Morning mood pretty much defines the rest of your day. Agree?

The morning crowd. Luckily, my station is the first stop. Hence, there's always seat for me. Morning crowd is surprisingly crowded. My dear government, take a look, can you see how many people depends on public transport? Come on, do something and stop feeding your own pocket.

After work (5 pm), I will rush off to the bus stop because there's a bus leaving at 5.10 pm and I have to take this bus in order to be on time for my yoga class which starts at 7 pm. I will normally reach my place around 6.30++ pm depends on the traffic.

 Me. waiting for the bus to depart.

Honestly, I enjoy taking bus. What have changed since the bus ride started? I would say nothing much. The Only difference now is I have to get up 40 mins earlier which is 6 am in the morning. Its tiring if I don't get enough sleep, but well, I can sleep in the bus. hehe

What have I earn? By taking bus, I got to save up quite a sum as I don't have to spend money on petrol (now save even more as the petrol price has just increased again!), I don't have to pay for parking fees (which is RM 9 per day), and I got to enjoy the scenery along the way home. I actually love watching/ looking at people, surroundings, see what they are doing, what's going on around.. Sometimes small little things can make me think deep. Mum used to call me a day dreamer because I easily enter the "deep-thought" mode over lil things, hahah.
Hmm.. what else?
I guess I have gained moment of peace. Its true. Now I don't get angry because of reckless and idiot drivers on the road anymore. I don't like myself getting angry while driving but sadly, I always do. Easily. So now, I don't have the chance to meet with reckless and idiot drivers, I won't be angry. I know, I sound like I am avoiding rather than facing the problem and learn to overcome it but yea, this is just how it goes. Besides, I have to say, after watching/ reading Buddhism videos and books, my temper has really improved a lot. Really, no lies. Imma watch and read more.

In a nutshell, I think I've gain more than losses for taking bus to work. All I need to is to wake up slightly earlier and be extra careful whenever I am walking to bus stops (even in the bus). That's all I have to pay, in return, I got to save money, I don't get angry, I got to enjoy the scenery and the people. Its fun!

By the way, have you seen or heard about this? Its the upcoming Country Garden project at Danga Bay (one of my scenery view on my way home).

Country Garden @ Danga Bay is the flagship project of Country Garden Group in Iskandar Malaysia. The exclusive integrated development consists of luxury service apartments, commercial, leisure and entertainment amenities, spanning 57 acres of freehold land. Country Garden @ Danga Bay has the most magnificent coastal view which has 180˚ panoramic sea view overlooking the stunning city skyline of Singapore and beyond. Country Garden @ Danga Bay is located at the most prized coastal address in Johor Bahru which is 5 minutes away from Johor Bahru city centre and Singapore.

This 48-storey (10,000 units) project has launched on 11 Aug, 2013. What's your thought about this "A 5 Star Living For You" project? Yah or Nay?

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