Limau-Limau Cafe

Our last morning in Malacca, we decided to have our breakfast at Limau-Limau cafe.
It was my first time visiting.


Limau- Limau has unique interior design. All sorts of different theme items, but putting them all together gave Limau- Limau a special feel.

While waiting for our food, selfie time!

My berries smoothie~ Its the most expensive item among the breakfast!! (O_O)

Kareshi's chocolate banana smoothie~

My banana pancake with ice cream. Kareshi said he always ordered this whenever he comes here for breakfast but since I am having this, he will try something else.

So this time, Kareshi had this apple crumble with ice cream. Its kinda sweet.
I love apple, but I don't like apple pie so this is not really my tea. The breakfast itself cost us around RM 60.
Not Cheap!

After the delicious and satisfying breakfast, its time to go home.

Sunny day with sunny mood! (Kareshi said this photo looks like some vehicle ads, hehe)

We decided to go home early so that we will have more time to rest. Traffic was quite smooth for us, but heard from my friend who went home later in the afternoon, it was bad.

Overall, its just another great holiday with my kareshi.

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