Malacca Short Getaway

I had a happening August. 
It's my favorite month plus it happens to have quite a numbers of holidays! 
That just makes it better! 
So during Hari Raya and Singapore National day,
kareshi and I went to Malacca again!

It's a long weekend, the road will surely be crowded like it always does, so to avoid jams, we departed 6.50 am (planed to leave at 6.30 am but you know.. Morning.. >_<). 

The effort of waking and departing early ensures us to reached Malacca around 8.30 am with minimal traffic at certain areas (way better then depart later but stuck in the traffic).

Quickly had our breakfast at a random coffee house (not very nice though). 

We drove and parked our car at a open car park near Malacca Bali homestay I mentioned in previous post here and started looking for our hostel.

Oh ya, by the way, kareshi and me are on a Mickey date! Lol

The hostel wasn't that hard to find but it took us a couple of rounds to spot it as the signboard is kinda small and high up. 

Again, we booked it through
There was no review on it, but its the only one available at a price we willing to pay.

We actually prepared for the worse but to our surprise its decent enough for its price.
Clean, new, and the reception cum owner appears to be friendly!

After spotting the hostel, we decided to go for a movie to kill our time till the time for check in.

It's only less than a year and we came to found that Dataran Pahlawan looks so different inside now. It's a new food court with an interesting concept, literally bringing the streets into the mall.

Had very light makeup on so that I don't look so tired. Driving is really tiring.

Chill at a massage chair before the movie starts. My first time trying!
I don't really like it because everyone can stare at you,
but kareshi seems like very enjoying lol.

Anyhow picked a movie with suitable timing just to kill the time till check-in.
Percy Jackson was the only one available.
It's a kids/ young teens movie. Not really our cup of tea.

Went to A&W for light meal (root beer float is the best), then check-in hostel and rest.

Felt more refreshing after a couple hours of rest. Me in kareshi's old school shade!
He said its too round for me, what you say?
Yah or nay?

Before we left the hostel, we saw this scene from our window and got shocked!
What the hell are these people queuing for??!!!
From our hostel's view, the queue is endless....
its surely one crazy queue man!

So this is the culprit for the long ass queue.
Capitol satay celup.
I have never tried but I believe it's more or less the same as my favorite lok lok but with satay sauce which I don't like so never have the urge to try. 

We went straight to Jonker street.
Walking around exploring with kareshi always feels good.

Settle our dinner at Jonker street's food corner (behind the main stage).
This botak char kway tiao made me queue for more than half hour,
kareshi's face also turn black d but it is good!!

Before we head back to hostel, we walk pass capitol satay celup again.
The insane queue is still on going.
Don't understand. 

We walked pass this shop called "Big bowl- The ice city" and was attracted by it because....

Please, look at the size of the bowl! its gigantic!!
Who on the earth can finish that???
The Chinese words means the world largest!
After seating in, look at the menu..
they really do serve that size! for 30 people or more.

We ordered 2 normal size ice, caramel shaved ice with pudding and eight treasure ice.
Even normal size also can't finish.
Regretted as its Wasteful and honestly not fantastic.

Next day morning, we went for Chicken rice for lunch.
But Chung Wah had a crazy insane queue, so we decided to try out another stall which was recommended by a friend of mine who is local. Read about Chung Wah here.
Queuing for our turn.
The queue was not as bad as the one opposite "San Shu Gong"- Chung Wah

Hoe Kee is the one that we went.

They have their price listed clearly for your reference.

"Hoe Kee" has bigger space than Chung Wah.
It is cleaner and more organized.
It also has better air ventilation so you won't end up sweating after you finish your meal.

The Chicken is not bad, but I think I still prefer Chung Wah.

My kareshi's bull's eye rice. Haha.
Previously Hoe Kee does serve riceball but due to lack of manpower, they now no longer serve it. Currently, they only provide loose rice.
Conclusion: Both kareshi and me still prefer Chung Wah.

After lunch, walk around Jonker, grab some stuff for my mum and aunt and head to shopping complex.

We went for another movie that we wanted to watch. We love superheroes!
Way better than percy jackson.

Settled our dinner at sushi king. We were the last customer to leave the shop.
Hehe.. I really love sushi! Feel like eating now again. 

Took a short walk before we went back to hostel.
I am a simple woman who enjoy simple happiness.
A walk in the night, with our hands holding, with smiles and laughter..
What more can I ask for?
When all I ever need is you.

Hope you enjoy reading
Thank you!

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