Winners of Ahaishopping Giveaway

Hello girls, first of all, i wanna thank those who entered the giveaway and now it's time for me to reveal the winners for the giveaway! But....

There's bad and good news. Lets start with the bad ones okay.. 

As stated in my post (read it here), in order to win free clothes there must be at least 100 valid entries. Sadly, quite a number were disqualified as they did not complete all the steps.

But the good news is, the winners will still walks way with cash bonus! besudes that, there will be an additional winner, which means 3 winners in total!!

*drum rolls........*

The winners are:
1. Lanie Villabona Pregoner
2. Lulu
3. Sihan Chang
(Winners are randomly picked by

I have emailed the respective winners with your own unique cash bonus code along with a link on how to use it.

Enjoy your shopping!

Before I end, if you love cosmetic lens, head to for awesome deal of lens! They carry sunglasses and many others and free shipping (only Malaysia and Singapore for now) too! Enter the code "GOheaventears20" to be entitle for RM 20 discount for every RM 100 spent!

Let the shopping spree begin!

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