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On 11 Dec, TGV Cinemas, one of the biggest operators of premier multiplex in Malaysia introduced their newly added IMAX theatre at AEON Tebrau City. Thanks to Butterrfly Project and TGV Cinemas, I was invited to attend the premium launch as a blogger to first experience IMAX in Johor Bahru.

IMAX AEON Tebrau is the 1st IMAX theatre in Johor Bahru (3rd in Malaysia) but it is the largest in terms of seating capacity with 362 luxurious and comfortable seats (twin seats, premium seats and normal).

The launching event was said to start at 7 pm but I was there early that day because I told mummy to pick me up at 5 pm in order to avoid the scary peak hour jam.

Chilling at vivo for some drinks while waiting for the event to start.

Around 7 pm, we headed to the cinema for registration. It started to get crowded. 

Tadah! Our IMAX adventure tickets to <The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug>. Saw the blue card my mum is holding? TGV even gave us 8 IMAX access cards! 8!! WoOW!

There were food and drinks (prepared by Niniq Bistro) served before the opening ceremony.

Invited guests includes press media, bloggers from blogsphere (us!!), VVIPs and more.

I invited mummy (middle), my aunt (right) and Teacher Winnie (my mum's close friend) to enjoy the movie with me as I am allowed to bring 3 pax along. Sorry my babies for not bringing you gals,  mummy first~ hehe

TGV Cinema had also prepared FREE tickets for the public to join the IMAX fun ride!! Did any of you queued for the tickets?

The stage for the opening ceremony. Waiting for the arrival of the VVIPs.

Erm, it's just me posing with my Hobbit IMAX ticket. Haha

Mah lovely mummy~ Her birthday was at the end of November, so this IMAX movie treat came in time for her to experienced an extraordinary magical moment with IMAX and her lovely daughter. LOL

Other than being the first few to experience the power of IMAX, another fruitful gain will be meeting up with the other JB Butterflies Bloggers! It's really a pleasure to meet all of them. From Left to right: LerLer, QiaoQiao, Sherlyn, Kim Tan and Carinn. *uhh.. I looked pregnant here, faint.

With Sherlyn

With Carinn

With Regina

With Sherlyn, Kim and Carinn.

The opening ceremony was officiate by Mr. Preetam Daniel, IMAX's Director of Sales for India and South East Asia and Mr. Gerald V. Dibbayawan, CEO of TGV Cinemas. 

"Watching a movie in IMAX is an experience that transports movie-goers to timeless magical places like space and fairy lands. Together with IMAX, we want to provide movie-goers  a memorable and enjoyable experience while enjoying the movie from the comfortable seats to the ambiance to the effect of the movie!" said Gerald.

"IMAX is unique in that we engage with today's most celebrated film-makers throughout their film's pre-production, production and post-production process to help bring their creative visions to life and transform movie-going into an event-like experience that leave audiences breathless," shared Daniel.

The new IMAX theatre at AEON Tebrau gives movie-goers a truly immersive cinematic experience, allowing them to enjoy the biggest blockbuster like never before. IMAX's cutting-edge projection system which delivers crystal-clear images, couples with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital sound system, creates a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.

After the official opening, it's time for lucky draw! 5 Lucky winners get to walk away with free IMAX tickets! Congrats to the winners!!!

Around 9 pm, it's time for the journey to begin. Grabbed our popcorn, and here we go.
The walkway to theatre. I super love this corridor!! Super Cute and lovely and romantic! *lol, I'm so typical.

3D glasses will be given before you enter the cinema, but make sure you give it back when you leave ya. Don't tapau it home.

Deng Deng Deng Deng~ IMAX, Here I come! Let our magical adventure begin!

Woot!! Surprised!! A goodie bag!!!! Guess what it's in it??  I was truly surprised when I saw what I've got!

Some selfies before the movie started.

Wahaha! My face look damn big after wearing the 3D specs. By the way, I can't put on the glasses nicely as it will be too close to my face, transforming my eyelashes into wiper wiping the glasses instead of your car windscreen. So I had to sorta "hung" the glasses on my hair (but not on my ears) so that it has some distance between my face and the 3D specs.

Mummy, Teacher Winne and my Aunt were all excited!

Let the unbelievable believing journey begins!

Honestly, this is my first 3D movie. I've never tried watching a 3D movie as I'm prone motion sick, I get giddy and dizzy easily. so in my perspective 3D movie = giddy/ dizzy/ uncomfortable. But! I have to say, IMAX 3D completely changed my view. From now on, if you wanna have a 3D movie date with me, make sure it is IMAX! lol!!

IMAX 3D made me felt like I'm part of the movie, I'm part of the story. It feels so real that I actually believe that I AM IN THE MOVIE! It was so stimulating that I screamed a little at a part where Gandalf went near to some sort of hole and Brown wizard popped out out of the blue, and I thought it's coming towards me. Mummy got scared too but I think partly was because I suddenly grabbed her hand (screaming) when I was scared. lol
(p/s: at some point, I think I saw mummy secretly tried to "sweep" away the bees that were flying "towards" her. lol)  

<The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug> is a great movie! but It's an awesomely great movie if you watch it in IMAX 3D. So if you have not watched, and have not tried IMAX 3D, stop slacking on your couch and get moving!  Go experience the biggest and chio-est thing in JB now! I promise, you will not regret.

Call TGV Cinema Tebrau 1300-222-TGV (848) for ticket pricing as there are different pricing for shows before and after 6 pm. 

I have to show these. Look at Legolas, so charming (*screammm) how can I not include his poster in this post?! Both Gandalf and Legolas are my favourite characters in LOTR and The Hobbit. Everyone loves them I guess. Hehe.

Gonna end this post now. Oh wait! I have yet to reveal what's in the TGV Cinema goodie bag right?

Tadah!!! Cony and Brown plush toys!!!!
*Brown plush toy was actually me forcing begging a Malay uncle to change with me one, lol.

and a James fan (although I prefer to get Brown but this is also "cute" in a way la), a TGV Blanket (in case you are cold in the theatre?) and a ceramic tumbler with grip strap! Gosh, these are just way too nice!

Now, Gonna end this post with a big thank you to Butterfly Project and TGV Cinemas for the awesome magical experience! Me and my families really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!

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