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Despite living in Kulai for decades (working in Johor Bahru for years), but if you were to ask me what's nice to visit, where to find good food in JB, I am sorry that I will have to disappoint you because I can hardly give you much options. I mean I know some, but not too many. Plus, there are so many new ones popping up all over the places in the recent years, how can I possibly know them all, right? (actually, it's because no one dates me, lol.)

But never mind! Thanks to the courtesy of Kim, I now have another one added to my knowledge list. Before Chinese New Year, I had the chance to pay Lemon Tree at Taman Melodies a visit.

Ahem, looks delicious! I was hungry that day and really can't wait to start eating so let's take a look at the dishes served that night.

Well, it's Lemon Tree, how can you miss out a Lemon drink right? Honey Lemon, RM 5.50

They have assorted fruit juice too. I don't fancy sour sop (fruit) but I like sour sop fruit juice, weird? Get use to it, I am a weirdo, lol. Sour Sop Fruity, RM 5.50

My all time favourite. Mango Juice, RM 4.50

Now, this is the tricky part. I swear I was stuck in a serious dilemma that night. When the first dish was served, I knew I'm in big trouble. Tuna Bruchetta Cheese Bread, RM 9.80
Generous Tuna and cheese (both my favourite!) on french toast slice with a touch of green and red. Can you imagine how tasty it is? I almost can't resist putting it inside my mouth.

Devil Aud: "Hey, It's just a mouthful, grab a bite of it, it won't kill. Maybe just some itch, but that's it! Look at how delicious it looks! come on, go ahead. Just a bite! Just bite it!"

Just before it touches my mouth, I heard someone shouting right into my ears.

Angel Aud: [EXCUSES ME! HELLO~!! Are you out of your mind? It's CNY in few days time, you better stop what you are doing right now unless you don't mind having ugly red spots all over your body and missing all the CNY fun!]

Oh my gosh! I almost broke down by a Tuna Bruchetta Cheese bread! Phew, thank you Angel Aud! (For those who does not know, I have allergies to yeast and egg, I shall not touch even a single bit of them for a full whole year if I still hoping to be cured.)

So, at the end I "happily" watched the others enjoying the mouthwatering Bruchetta.

Next coming up was Home-Made Cream of Mushroom, RM 5.50. Have I not tell you how much I love mushroom soup? Lemon Tree's mushroom soup is slightly different from the others I've tried. It was said that they use 5 different mushrooms to present it's unique taste. Me and Carinn shared a bowl, but basically, I drank most of it (to compensate the passed of bruchetta! haha, jk.)

Can you imagine the pain I've gone through that night whenever a new dish was serve? So many things happened in a few seconds right after the food was served. Dish served-> Take a look-> snap a photo-> Angel and devil war initiated-> Devil lost-> sit back and watch the girls eating happily. Here's another nice one that I can only see but not touch. Island Seafood Pizza, RM 19.80

Tropical Hawaiian Pizza, RM 17.80

Look at the cheese! Oh, I can't resist! Man, it's hard to just watch but not tasting them!

I guess, Chef Jeffery pities me. That's why he made this Mixed Fruit salad, RM 5.50. Nah, it wasn't because of me (my wishful thinking), it was part of the menu that night. But I have to say that it was good! I like the salad sauce! I think they added orange juice in it (if not mistaken).

Jason's DSLR.

Hawaiian Spaghetti, RM8.80. Ha! Another dish for me?!

Seafood Alio- Olio Spaghetti, RM 12.80. I love this Alio- Olio. Look at the amount of prawns given! Thick garlic aroma coupled with slight spiciness, my appetite had just got stimulated.

Grilled NZ Air flown Rib eye Steak, RM 49.00. I am not a fan of beef but Jason gave a thumb up for this rib eye steak, so I guess it is good and with a very affordable price too! Look at how tender and juicy it is.

This Special fried rice, RM 13.80 has a story to begin with. Once upon a time, there was a chef name Jefferey. He met.... *Knock Knock, hello? Come back to the topic please.
Okay! To cut it short, Jefferey invented this special fried rice is because of his customer. One of his customer loves his fried rice but find the typical ones is too plain hence requesting Jefferey to add on an egg for him, and a fried chicken sometimes, how about a slice of ham and cheese? At the end, this is how their Special fried rice was born. Fried rice with fried chicken wing, cheese ham and egg with black pepper sauce. Interesting combination right? Head over and try it yourself.

Mee Mamak, special request by Kim

Desserts for the night: Tiramisu
Quoted from Ler:
"Tiramisu or "Pick me up" is one of the famous dessert in history. The chef used 3 type of coffee to make this dessert. Every bites I taste differently. What capture my attention is the cheese cream? It is very different. The cream is very fluffy yet creamy. It is very light on my taste bud. Usually Tiramisu cream have this very heavy texture. The chef have secret recipe for this."

Crème brûlée
Quoted from Eryn:
"To me, there are 2 vital points about it:
1) Well torched, crispy flavourful sugar crust
2) Smooth creamy custard cream with REAL vanilla bean
I was actually supposed to share this dessert with others, but I was too indulged in the Crème brûlée heaven, and I think I ate more than half of it
*sorry girls*"

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake
Quoted from Jason:
"The chocolate lava cake was made from the pure 70% of dark chocolate, it won't be overly worries! And the so called 'Lava' will not ooze from the cake once you cut it due to the high density of the chocolate cake. I believe the two desserts above will easily drive the girls crazy! It will become the favorite for the desserts lover! "

I do not have the fortune to taste them (thanks to my allergy), but looking at the girls eating non stop, I know it taste heavenly. I feel that it is only fair to let you know how the girls and Jason feel towards these dessert, so feel free to drop by their post to check it out.

Alternatively, you can just look at Carinn's expression and you will know how good it is. (She is cute!)

After the dessert, we sat down listening to Jeffery's story about how he began Lemon Tree.
[Why is it Lemon Tree?]
"Because 11 years ago, the coolest song of that time was Lemon Tree"
[Oh.. hahahah...] *suddenly out of words

Lemon Tree had recently expended their business. They have a newly renovated function room for private functions and parties up to 30 guests. Besides that, they are providing catering service and custom-made menu specially for you now! Wow!
Yes, we were hosted in the new section that night!

Before we left, we manage to have some photos. Here's one with Jeffery Bong, the owner of Lemon Tree.

and one with Eryn, the hot pretty mama. My first time meeting her and I think I fall in love with her instantly.

and of course a group photo is a must! From left to right, back to front: Cece, Sherlyn, Princess, Carinn, Kim, Me and Eryn. Missed out Ler because she was chatting with Jeffery and Jason. XD

I had a hard time writing this review because quite a number of the dishes I've not tasted them, hence I was not able to describe how it taste. But thankfully that I have a bunch of helpful blogger friends, they make this review writing easier. Thank you.

Overall, Lemon tree provides decent good food with very reasonable price (quite cheap I would say)! You are actually saving money when you dine at Lemon tree you know.

By the way, while writing this I was googling for Lemon Tree MV and found an exaggerate version of it. It brings back lots of memories while listening to it. I hope it does makes you smile too.

Till then, Adios.

If you would like to know more...
Lemon Tree Restaurant
18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-335 5688
Business hour : 12pm – 11pm (Close on Monday)
Facebook: Lemon Tree Restaurant

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