Chinese New Year 2014

Wee~ It's Chap Goh May! Last day of CNY! How's your Chinese New Year doing? Gambling all day long? Arghh, talk about gambling.. some one play mahjong with me leh~! lol

Okay, I promised a CNY post, so here is one long one with lots of photos. Basically, I was looking forward to this CNY because my cousins from Japan are coming back (actually I'm excited over the things I got them to buy, lol)!

But my lovely CNY started off unhappy. Something happened on the eve and affected everyone's mood but yea, let's not talk about the unhappy things, it's over so let it go.

CNY Day 1 to 4
Since many years ago, we started paying respect to daddy on the fist day of CNY. Some superstitious ones may feel that it is extremely bad luck for doing such but then again, it's my dad. It is only right to pay him respect on such big day! I will pay respect to him the day before my wedding if can! I am not joking. Seriously.

We bought him some colorful roses.

We don't fancy all the burning thing, it is always offering joss stick and some simple food/ snacks. This year, we even brought him some self-made CNY cookies too! I love pineapple tarts, Chocolate dip and cocoa cookies! But too bad all contain egg!!! Tried making without eggs, but... Eeww, it just taste different.

Nini says Happy New year and Gong Xi Fa Chai to all of you! I wanted to bring Nini to pay respect to Daddy too but Mummy said better not.

Me and Nini chilling at home waiting for them to reach.
Previous years, the first thing we do after paying respect to daddy is to visit my maternal grandma (which is only a street away, lol), but this year we waited for my cousins from Japan to go over together.

Basically, this was my CNY makeup throughout the whole CNY. Using #3CE Jumbo Lip crayon- Neon Pink and Lip lacquer- BonBon for my lips (very matching with my top right!). Eyeliner and mascara also from 3CE. Get them from
Ahh, Black love shape aroma necklace is one of my Japan haul. Will blog about it in a separate post.

Styling with Kareshi's shades and my "Rabbit teeth". He always makes fun of my front teeth, says that it's protruding making me like 爆牙妹。Do I look like one? lol

On day 3, we went to Kareshi's aunt's house for lunch. This is kareshi mommy's version of Ah Ma popiah.

This is kareshi's favourite. He can eat 5 of them in one shot without problem but only if it's made by his grandma. I never had the chance to meet Kareshi's grandma nor had the fortune to taste the original Ah Ma popiah but Kareshi said the one prepared by his mum was similar (still not quite right). Maybe I should get started with the mummy's recipe and work backwards to see if I can represent Ah Ma popiah. I really want to learn so that I can make them for Kareshi.

Reunion meal is normally on the eve, but because my younger bro was working, we did not really had a reunion meal, so this shall be our reunion meal (day 4) whereby everyone sits around the table, chit chatting, laughing and enjoying the simple meal. That is what I call a reunion meal, the family time.

A bowl full of love and happiness. Thanks for all the love and care mummy, brothers. You know I love you.

The happiest one in this CNY should be Nini because I basically brought her to almost everywhere I went. This is us at Uncle Tan TL's house in Kluang. Oh, just notice that Nini looks like a boy here. lol

She was totally worn out after all the chasing game going on with a poodle at mummy friend's house.

Visited aunty Ann's house. As usual, it's our CNY routine!
Wearing couple outfit with Nini! It's really hard to take pictures together with Nini, she is always avoiding cameras! Got so shy meh? =_=''

I wore stripes that day because it was the theme for Carinn's 21st Birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Sorry for not staying longer, mummy and bros were waiting for me to send them home. But still hope you love the very last minute present!
My OOTD? lol
Basic white shirt- Zara
Cropped stripes top- long time ago from random shop
Army shorts- Foruchizu

Mummy has OOTD too! The Melon girl! lol She is cute right? Hahaha, love her the max!
Melon Tee- Padini
Bright red orange pants- Gap
Melon bag- Tupperware! (lol, tupperware, can you imagine that? but.. it's cute!)

Curled my hair using panasonic 6-in-1 multi styling straightener (birthday present by kareshi). It is super easy to use (a tutorial maybe? Yea, maybe.. lol)!

So that's basically my CNY. It wasn't happening because something happened that spoiled everyone's mood, but then again, things happen for a better reason. Going through the incident, we got angry, we cried, but we've grown stronger, especially the so called trouble maker brother. He impressed everyone by his way of handling the situation. You make us proud man! We are proud of you!

For me, most important things in life will be kinship, family ties. The time spend together can never be bought by money.

You don't find time for family and love ones, You make time for them. 

Imma end this post with a photo collage with my cousins and brothers. It's really good to see you guys again after so many years! Wait for me in Japan ya~ I will, lay my foot on that piece of land.

Oh ya, today is also Valentine's day! Happy valentine's day to all lovers out there.

Love is actually very simple.
Hope you've found your simple love!

♥ Happy V Day! 

I need your Love~♥

♥~Live to Dream′Dream to Live~♥


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