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I woke up in the morning as how my normal Sunday (9.03.14) will be. Turned around and sees kareshi still sleeping soundly. I gave him a gentle hug and switched on my phone to start catching up with the world. As I read on, my tears flows, my heart aches, my body trembles. Kareshi was awaken by my gentle sob and was shocked wondering what on earth had happened.

I show him what I've read, he turned silent and hug me in his arms. I, broke down crying.

An air plane disappear from the radar. With 239 passengers on board, it vanished in the air.

It's been four days after the tragic took place, #MH370 has yet been found. I am very grateful for all the help we've received from all over the world. Regardless of the real agenda behind the helping hand, I am still grateful. Every single tiny effort makes a huge different, hence despite the hidden motive, we need your help.

The incident has gone viral on the net as expected and once again, it proves the world how ignorant Malaysians are. After days of following the news from papers, reading through all the shares on social media, honestly I am sort of in fact very disappointed with the netizens.

A tragic has happened, the whole world is lending their hands to aid. As I mentioned earlier, despite the political agenda behind the helping hands, the fact is they are indeed helping in all sorts of form (may it be rescue mission, or providing necessary info). But what are Malaysia's netizen doing? Finding faults. Putting blames, creating and flaming rumours.

Eh Hello!! Come on! The very first priority is to locate the missing ones, not trashing and bashing. It is not what it should be done right now! Stop creating & flaming rumours; stop accusing or blaming whichever parties. Why can't you netizens think of the families of the missing ones? Put yourself in their shoes, can't you understand how hurtful all these are?

Deareast loves ones are yet to be found, they are already in great pain, and you who share unverified rumours, spread unjustified "news", putting blames on the pilots, trashing and bashing MAS and the government for this and that are NOT DOING ANY GOOD!

Are you a pilot? An Air cabin crew? Works in the Airline force? What do you know so well that makes you think you have the right to spill the words without thinking? Why can't you just shut the Fxxx up and let the pros do their job, let the families have a peace of mind from all these bullshit. They are already worn out, give them a break!

The young netizens nowadays does not understand that a pen is mightier then a sword. Words kill faster and it is much fatal than you can ever imagine. You (yes you!)  might retaliate my statement with the "freedom of speech" that you can say whatever you want, but honestly what you are doing ain't no freedom of speech but making yourself a fool and a laughing stock. Hello young netizens! Talk about freedom of speech only when you've grown wiser enough to differentiate what can be done and what can't.

Indeed, there are serious issues that need to be address in this incident such as the security breached of fake passport and many more but right now, the whole focus should be locating the missing ones! Those issues can be dealt later on, what's more important than lives? Nothing! and it's freaking 239 lives we are talking about here. Don't understand why can't the netizens realize which is more important. Sigh, you people left me with no choice but to agree with Dr M for the very first time. "Grow up Malaysians. Stop being such an immature child."

My advise? Get your facts cleared before you start clicking the share button. Think before you share something blindly. Do yourself a favour, stop making yourself a clown will ya? If you really have to share, share positive energy, share the good ones as below. That's what we human really needs.
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Oh ya, please do bear this in mind, yes you may have all the rights to speak but then again you are also fully responsible for your words. If someone dies because of your words, it is your karma to carry. No one, escapes from karmic law. Just saying so that you remember. Words are mighty, use them wisely.

There ain't a day I do not pray for the safety of the missing ones. I do not know them, but I feel them.
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Every time when I watch this 2 mins video, I couldn't help but tear. Thank you to whoever that created this heart warming video.

I am always grateful for what I have, and I am always grateful for all my love ones are healthy and safe.
MH 370 incident had once again reminded me that today is a gift, tomorrow is never a promise.
Things you have now, your love ones around you now may just disappear the very next second.
Nothing is more important than being alive, You will never know when will be your last day on earth, 
why not just cherish every seconds you have?
Cherish your love ones, give them a hug, tell them you love them before you ran out your chance.

Turned around and sees kareshi sleeping beside me, knowing mummy and bros are sleeping soundly in their rooms right now, I know I am blessed, and I am grateful for that.

This wasn't my initial scheduled post but I decided to slip this in because I have to voice it out.

Adios~ untill next time,

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