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♥ My Saturday Stroll - Uniqlo JB Grand Opening 
I know it's been 2 weeks since the opening of Uniqlo Johor Bahru City Square but still, allow me to officially thank Uniqlo Malaysia for the special invitation to it's Grand Opening Media Conference and also thank CK from Edelman for coordinating the whole event.

I was allowed with a plus one, so I invited Nicole (who is also a blogger, a hot mama too!) to tag along.

The media conference was at 4 pm at Delicious level 6. Many medias were present.

After the short briefing from CK and from PIC of Uniqlo Singapore, the main star appears. Ito Yuichi san - Region Manager of Singapore and Malaysia. Never thought he would be so young, only 36! Here, Ito san was trying to answer the questions thrown by the medias.

How can I miss the chance to have a selfie with the handsome guy right? (He is actually very cute!) 

After the conference, Ito san brought us to have a tour at Uniqlo.

The opening promotion were very attractive! Plus you get a quality canvas tote bag when you spend RM 200 and above in single receipt.

Ito san featuring one of the best selling item. (Told ya he is cute!) Uniqlo Jeggings, a must have item! Damn comfy! I also got myself one that day.

To my surprise, we were given RM 100 shopping voucher as goodie bag! Quite generous I would say.

What else you think we will be doing? Of course it's shopping and selfie time! 

Once again, thanks to Uniqlo Malaysia for the invitation! Here ending the post with a photo with Nicole and Ito san. (Gosh, I've put on so much weight! Looks like pregnant sia!)

Uniqlo Malaysia:

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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  1. Wow, you got the invitation?? You must be someone SPECIAL, I guess?? That's so cool! I've always wanted to be one of the media people.. Hahaha. But well, who would pick an admin of the not-so-cool blog right :P And yes, I love uniqlo's products. I've a few tshirts. They're great, they lasts so long, until today. Amazing.

  2. Nah, I'm just someone normal. I guess it's just that they happened to stumble upon my blog and know that I am from JB that's why they invited me~ ^_^

    Yea, their products are very versatile!


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