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Hello lovelies! I am so excited to blog about this post. If you follow my instagram >>here<<, you should have know that I went for a makeup makeover over the weekend!

Honestly, I've not tried any Lunasol makeup products so this will be my first time experiencing it. Tell me how can I not be excited right?? If you have been walking my life with me in this blog, you know I hardly apply eye shadow because I often feel it heavy on my lids but, I have to say Gina really did a great job on me! It was so lightweight and natural (just my cup of tea)!

Nice right? Very natural, thin and light, just like I have no makeup on! That's the key! "No-makeup makeup"! Geddit? Gina is really good, plus she is so gentle and experience. I really like her (most importantly she says I look very young, doesn't look like someone who is turning 29 this August, haha).
So how to achieve this "makeup no makeup" look? Let's run through what Gina used on me that day. Many of them are limited edition!

My bare face. I went to Kanebo counter at Plaza Pelangi Metrojaya with this super bare face. Look so pale and sick right? Just wait and see how Gina turns this sick face into magic. (* products are new launched products).

Base makeup, item used: Lunasol Control Base, Skin Contrast Face Powder, *Modeling Beige Skin

She first applied the control base to even my skin tone, then apply the foundation. When I saw the amount of foundation she applied on my face (forehead, both cheeks, nose and jaw) I thought "oh no, this is going to be so damn thick sia!". Honestly I was worried, but out of my surprise, after she blends everything evenly, I hardly feel I have foundation on! *totally amazed, so light and thin! She then finish off with the face powder. The powder is so fine and I personally love it!
Lunasol Control Base
Modeling Beige Skin
Skin Contrast Face Powder
She did a little conceal on my under eye with Under Eye Concealer. Okay, I must talk about this concealer. I have super duper dark eye ring that no normal concealer can hide. I will have to underlay a thin layer of Vivid Orange concealer under the normal beige color if I really want to achieve no dark eye ring look. But THIS! This shocked me! A tiny bit of it conceals almost everything and it's not cakey! Talk about magic! This is it.

After base makeup look. Skin tone is even and I definitely look brighter and more awake (I'm still amazed by the concealer, lol). *The dark shadow under my eye puff is the shadow of my eye puff.

Next will be the eye! Have you heard of "Eye is the window to the soul"? Get the eye right and you will not be wrong, Aud said so, lol.

She first applied an Eyelid Base In so that the eye shadow will be more vibrant and long lasting.
Eyelid Base In
Gina decided to let me try their latest collection- *Sand Natural Eyes. A four-color eye shadow set that consists of beautiful monotone colors, as if cut from the scenery of sand.All colors meltingly blend with the skin, and the overlaying exquisitely accentuates the natural contours of the eyelids for a dramatic look-- from Lunasol website.

There are 4 types of colors: Neutral Sand, Clear Sand, Warm Sand, and Cool sand. She uses Neutral sand on me.
01 Neutral Sand
02 Clear Sand
03 Warm Sand
04 Cool Sand

When the eye shadow is done, she line my tightline with *Shiny Pencil Eyeliner

and line my eyeline with this Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner N. Why is it Intellectual? The answer lies in the photo below. It is an Ink cartridge eyeliner that never dries! See the ink cartridge at the end of the pen (bottom row)? When you wanna use it, press the button at the end of the cover (top row), and the ink will flow to the tip of the brush, it will only disperse sufficient amount to be used! Brilliant isn't it? How many eyeliners have you thrown away because the ink fail on you? With this, no more dried eyeliners! Simply buy the refill for less than RM 50 when you ran out of it. 

Now, last part of the eye makeup. The High Stylized Mascara. It is a new separating and volumizing mascara for an excellent shape for dignified, dramatic-looking eyes. Plus, it can easily be removed with warm water.

First, base makeup. Second, eye makeup. Third..oh! highlight and blusher!

*Sand Natural Cheeks is their new color collection for blusher. It comes in 2 shades, the one Gina chose for me is EX01 Natural Pink. I like it's unique presentation and the color is so natural, I literally look like I'm blushing.
EX01 Natural Pink
After adding some redness to the cheek, how can we not have some colors on the lips right! To complete this look, Gina uses *Full Glamour Lips in Soft Beige Pink to give the look a final gentle touch and *Full Glamour Gloss A in Shiny Sand Beige to create a pouting lips.

Tadah! This is my final look for the makeover. Do I look like I have makeup on? No right? I look like someone with perfect flawless skin! Told ya it's magic.

By the way, I super love the touch of Lunasol's brushes on my face. It is so soft and gentle that many times, I almost fall asleep over it's comfort. Go to Kanebo counter to try them on, they can be purchased individually.

That's all for today's sharing. Hope you enjoy it.

Kanebo Pelangi Plaza Metrojaya Outlet

Head down today to try out all the new products! Plus, Kanebo Lunasol is currently giving away samples of:
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Oh ya, by the way I was having allergy on my lips that day, Gina couldn't bear seeing my lips chipped, she gave me a sample of this to test. I will try it tomorrow and see how it works!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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