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I am a prata freak. It is my comfort food which I can eat all the time and won't get bored, but provided it's nice la! That's how much I like prata, that's why I'm always on the hunt.

I've heard of this special prata stall for quite sometime but because it is sorta far away from where I live (it's like 40 km?), couple with time constraint, I couldn't find a chance to try it until one lovely Sunday. Me and Kareshi had to go to JPJ for some errands so I though eh, why not we go to this prata shop for breakfast since it's consider around that area. Plus, I've been wanting to try it! So finally, here we are- Shyang Kopitiam.

Why I said its special? Because it's made by Chinese. It is common to see prata stalls but it is not quite common to see a Chinese one. This is the boss- Shyang

Oh looking good there! Can't wait to try!

To know whether the prata is nice, you must try the kosong (plain/ original) ones so that you can taste the original taste of the dough.

I seldom eat kosong unless it's really nice and Shyang's made me feel like having one after another. It's very soft but yet crispy on the outer. Kareshi loves it too! It's in his top list now!

My favorite is always cheese prata, followed by planta (butter). Roti Tampal (means egg on top of the dough) used to my top 1, but ever since I found that I'm allergy to egg, cheese took over.

I tried cheese and sausage that day. It wasn't bad, but I think I still prefer just cheese. It's really so so yummy!

Kareshi ordered a roti otak (made by fish). He said it's nice and the ingredient is really generous. I couldn't try because there's egg inside. Oh ya, their curry is nice too! I seldom take curry when I have prata, but I like Shyang's chicken curry! Kareshi really loves it too!

If you feel like trying too, here is the address. Do note that roti prata and chicken curry normally runs out around noon, so be sure to be there early.

Restaurant Shyang Kopitiam
Jalan Bakawali 50, Taman Johor Jaya
Operation time: 6.30 am to 4.30 pm

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