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Have you heard of Carousell? It's like the Hottest app in Singapore and Malaysia now.

So what is Carousell? Basically it is a mobile market place where you can buy and sell either new or pre-loved items. Everything within your fingers flip. No longer need to worry about space, rental and etc, Just carousell them because carousell is FREE. Yes, it's free to download and it's free to list your items! Very convenient right?

Without continue much with crap, let's just go through how to sell on Carousell! GO to google play or app store, search for carousell and download it.

Go to the app, you can either create an id or login using facebook, I don't like linking everything to facebook hence I created an id for skincandyco.

Update some of your details in "edit profile". Do remember to verified your account too. In my skincandyco account, I have 21 listings.

It is a very easy to use app, to list an item, press the "sell" tab, snap a photo (there's edit options available too!).

Fill up the category, item descriptions and the price, press submit and viola! Your item is listed! 

If you want to buy, head over to "browse" tab you will see all kinds of categories such as for him, for her, gadgets and etc. Very well organized isn't it?

Some example you will see in "for her" section.

Besides that, you can trace who likes your item, who left you a message on your product, who started to follow you!

There's even a feedback section whereby customers can leave you a feedback.

So if you have tons of seldom use/ unwanted stuff to get rid off, why not consider carousell them? This way you get to uncluttered, at the same time you gain some cash! One stone kills two birds, wonderful isn't it?

Waste no time, start carousell now! Do follow both my accounts!

See ya on Carousell!

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  1. Looks nice! I will try the app too!

  2. Yay! thanks for writing this! :)

  3. No worries babe~ sorry fro dragging so long.. lol

  4. It's a nice platform to uncluttered and earn some cash!


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