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Won't it be great if you can save money wherever you go? It somehow feels like finding gold everywhere you go don't you think so?

Recently I've found this app that can really help me save money regardless of where I am! Good things are meant to be shared, agree? That's why I decided to write this post.

Whether you are an iPhone user or android, go to app store or play store search for "Singapore Maps" and download it.

After downloading it, launch the app. You will find a new feature "Offers Near You" that has been added to the app.

The app will locates your location and show you the offers around you. Wow, there are 153 offers near me! Let's click on it (blue bar at the bottom) and see what is it all about!

Tadah! All sorts of offers around where you are! May it be beauty, hair, or even electronic gadgets offer deals can be found depends on your location.

I was attracted by the hair service deal. Click it and wow! I was impressed with all the details provided! Address, phone numbers, brief introductions, directions to get there and even ETA with various transportation!

Not to sound like I'm kiasu, but seriously good deals are meant to be grabbed right? If you wanted to get your hair done, instead of normal pricing, why not do it with the offers shown in the Singapore Maps offers near you right? You get to save money! Mummy always says It's wrong to be wasteful! Hehe.

I just made an appointment with the hair salon for hair treatment with up to 70% off! This is really killing two birds with a stone! Get my hair done and save money! Whee~ I'm a happy woman!

So what are you waiting for? Go download the app right now! You don't want to miss all these great deals going on!

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