Aud- Talks | Thousands of Dreams Shattered Together with MH370, MH17, GE222 and AH5017

When the world is still recovering from #MH370 incident, yet another set of ordeal awaits us.

The crash of #MH17 broke thousands of hearts, but that doesn't seems to be the end. Within a week, #GE222 crushed hundreds of dreams. Just when we are still trying to accept the harsh fact, another crash of #AH5017 happened last night. 3 planes crashed within a week. More than 300 died.
Thousands of Dreams shattered.

I am not a family member of the victims, but tears falls whenever I read the articles, heart sank countless times seeing the crying face of the family members in the news.

I know exactly how it feels to lose someone dearly. I feel them yet there's nothing I could do to help. I can only give the family members the respect. Leaving them alone, not posting any inappropriate news, and pray for them.

Its cold, its sad, its heartbreaking,
but it is the time, people should all unite despite the colors.
When there's darkness, there's light.
Share positive vibes not negativity; Spread love not hate.
Let's make this world a better world to live in.
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This goes to you, who lost someone dearly in the recent tragedies.
Let's stay strong together as humble human.
Love life, and may you find peace.
We love you, I love you.

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