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I developed a little obsession with Red after my La Vie En Rose photoshoot (read it here if you have not). I mean not really red hot red but more to red wine that kind of red. This look is all about pairing different shades of red wine red.

I always though I don't look good with hat but this red wine bowler hat just changed that whole perspective of mine. It is very versatile as it matches quite a number of different style. I like how it instantly make an outfit looks chic.

To comply the red top and bottom, I change my phone casing to this maroon red Chanel inspired phone case to create a more complete red look.

You can't deny that a statement necklace or ring changes ones look, and this statement ring adds an elegant touch to my red chic look.

Although black is also the universal color that goes well with any other colors but it would be quite dull if I match this look with a black top. To make it clean and more define, I pair it with a detailed white top.

I always like bandage skirt because I feel it flatters me the most and it's easy to match. This blood red bandage skirt is surprisingly comfortable despite it being so cheap.

To wrap up my red look, a red heel or flats is a must. I do not have red heels (should probably get one) so I match it with my hot red flats that I got from Vincci. I pretty like the black finishing at the edges because it defines and makes the red pops out more. 

Here's my five shades of red look. How did I score? Give me some suggestion in the comments below so that I can improve.
Bowler Hat-
White Top- Ice
Silver Diamond Big Hollow Ring-
Red Bandage Skirt- theolivestore
Chanel Inspired Phone case- Taobao
Red Flat- Vincci

Photographer- Carinn
Venue- Hermess Hotel

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  1. Very nice outfit! :D I agree, the red hat does make every outfit more interesting, hehe ^^

  2. The red outfit so nice!!


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