Aud-Venture | White Christmas at Universal Studio Singapore 2013

A white Christmas, is always on my wishlist. Something I hope to experience before I bid the world goodbye. Its a dream since I was a little girl and last year, my wish came through. It may not be a true white Christmas but it was good enough.
Couldn't remember when it happened but I somehow came across a promotion deal for Universal Studio Singapore Christmas Celebration that has snow performance! I was like oh my! I wanna go!! After getting approval from kareshi, we decided to treat our mummies to USS too since it will be their first time.

USS here we come! We went on the 24th December hoping that it will not be too crowded, luckily it turns out pretty well. It's still a lot of people but at least not overcrowded.

The snow performance starts at night, so we went to explore other parks before the snow performance. We had lots of fun exploring the parks. So much laughter, so much joy. I love moments like this.

Mummy with the Egyptian lady. We dare not to catch this game, because we all have a weak heart. The roller coaster was closed too. Too bad, if not we would surely challenge it (haha, what a joke!)

We then went for Transformer movie with excitement but came out super dizzy. They should really upgrade their 3D, there's IMAX now, change it. lol. Oh well, look who's the happy boy? hehe (I damn love kareshi's expression here)

After the dizzy ride, we went for an easy (kinda lame) ride with Elmo and friends! But then again, its fun riding with mummies, They even got shocked by the sudden water spray, lol. So funny and cute!

Enjoying our Elmo ride too!

These really reminds me of my younger days. My favourite was Elmo followed by Big bird. Hated the dustbin one the most.

Apparently, I am not the only one who was excited, mummy got pretty excited too! She kept asking me to help her take photos. I am glad that she enjoyed much.

After going one round of all other theme parks, its almost time for the snow performance so we went to New York street to wait for it.

While waiting for the snow to come, first let's have some selfie.

Just when we were busy taking selfies, suddenly it snowed! OMG, I was so so so happy!! For a moment I feel like crying. I couldn't imagine how will I feel if I see the real snow for the first time. 

Mummy took a very nice photo of us while we were enjoying the "snow". I super love this photo! Thank you mummy for such a wonderful photo!

The snow which is actually bubble foam lasted for around 15 mins. After it stopped, we took a stroll at New York street and left for dinner. Came out and saw these candies! Very nicely done, kids will be super happy to see this.

After that, we went for dinner at Vivo City and took a stroll at the sky garden. I really enjoyed myself and I believe mummy, kareshi's mum (my MIL now) and kareshi enjoyed too! It was a wonderful and blissful night.

I thought that ends my lovely night, but kareshi always has his way to make things perfect. A small little handmade bookmark with sweet message behind it wrapped the night perfectly.

It was a wonderful night. Thank you darling for always being so thoughtful and thank you for loving me. I love you. It's almost Christmas soon, and I have in mind what to present you! Hope it can be done in time.

Walking on with love,

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