Aud-Fashion | #ReebonzSplurge "Let The Cat Out of The Bag" One Day Splurge

Morning lovelies!! Today is a special day. Are you ready for #ReebonzSPLURGE? If you have been eyeing on that one luxury piece but it seemed just a little out of reach, NOW is the time to splurge, because you will be saving as well!

Reebonz is letting the cat out of the bag TODAY, May 14th 2015 for you (and maybe a bestie) to enjoy a ONE-DAY only splurge that is out of this world!

With more than 15,000 new and pre-owned items available on the website, it's better that you start searching for that one piece that are bound to add class, cool and color to your fashion! Share it with your family, friends and fashionistas because this is too good to keep to yourself.

Aside from the amazing deals that are at the core of Reebonz, the #ReebonzSPLURGE online sales event will give you a further 11% off with the code "1SPLURGEMY11" at checkout if you plan to splurge on one item but if you (or with your BFF and family) are going to splurge on two or more items and use the code "2SPLURGEMY20" at checkout to receive a whopping 20% off!

Head to to start browsing for your essential splurge now as new designer items has been added!

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