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Hello guys! I am back. I know it's been a while since my last update but having confinement and dealing with a newborn for the first time is kinda overwhelming. I bet all mums will understand. Okay, I will try my best to catch up on all the posts. First, let's continue on the topic of preparing for delivery ya.

A common question asked by all mums-to-be, when and what should I pack for hospital bag? Here's a list of the things I've packed for myself. This shall give you a rough idea on what to pack for your own. By the way, I packed my bag when I was 37 weeks pregnant. Baby came on the 38 weeks 5 days.

Discharge Clothes
I prepared a pair of discharge clothes but in the end I wore my admission clothes upon discharge. 

Hoodie/ Jacket/ Shawl
This is to keep yourself warm during the stay in the hospital.

You will want to keep your feet warm all the time after labor.

Maternity pad
I bought 2 packs of maternity pad (day and night) but end up using none of them. I used the pads (surgical pads) that were given by the hospital. By the way, my blood discharge was heavy for the first 2-3 days, and it started to slow down from day 4.

Personal toiletries
If your hospital provides them, don't bother to bring. I brought mine as I am allergic to normal toothpaste.

Nursing bra and pad
Honestly, didn't use them too. During my hospital stay, I wore only the hospital gown without a bra as it's easier to feed my girl. As for the nursing pad, although my milk kicks in right after delivery but it wasn't leaking so no use of it.

Cotton disposable Undies
This is useful as you can change frequently to keep yourself clean and fresh without worrying about the washing. Just throw.

Cotton pad/ balls
I brought these cotton pads to clean my breast every time before latching my girl. Just to make sure it is clean for her.

Skincare/ Cosmetics and remover
I brought my skin care and even cosmetics. Thought I will want to put on makeup when people visit me. But the truth is, I don't have the energy to do anything but sleep.

Admission papers, IDs and Obgyn bills
Remember to bring your admission paper with you all the time so that you can be admitted anytime if anything happens. I brought my IC and Marriage cert too because baby's birthcert can be done straight at the hospital. Oh and Obgyn bills for medisave claim.

Baby discharge clothes
Some hospital provides baby's discharge clothes but I want my girl to wear the romper my mummy bought for her so I brought my own set of clothes.

Phone Charger and Camera
This is so important! Phone was my only entertainment during my hospital stay so charger is in need! I had my camera with me too so that I can take better quality photos of my baby.

Some asked if there's a need to bring your own breast pump, well I would say most probably you will not have the chance to use it but even if you really need to pump your milk out, hospital has breast pump for rent.

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