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It is the "mask period" again. Every year, this time, you will see almost everyone wearing a mask everywhere they go. The haze issue is getting worse each year. This is also the time when a lot of people will fall sick. To prevent falling sick, it is important to drink more water to stay hydrated. But I make sure my family drinks only clean, clear and better-tasting water, especially my newborn baby. It is important that she uses only clean water.

Babies are known to be more susceptible than adults. That makes me worry for my baby, which is why when it comes to providing cleaner, clearer and better-tasting drinking water, I look for a water filter that provides me the trust in every drop. With the tested and certified NSF and its capability to remove 99.99% bacteria and cysts (water-borne parasite), I am confident that 3M Advance Drinking Water system will provide me high-quality drinking water.

Besides, I got myself an outdoor 3M Whole House Filtration System (AP902). It provides me clean water for shower and washing without sand or dirt. Wearing cleaner clothes makes me feel good.

Here are some of the highlight features:

Efficiency of AP902
- AP902 reduces sediment, dirt and rust down to 5-micron nominal. 
Example: a strand of human hair is about 75 micron, hence, AP902 can filter sediment, dirt and rust up to 15 times smaller than a strand of hair.

Compact size
The AP902 is also suitable to be installed in a condominium as it is very compact. Even though it is small, it has a huge surface to trap sediment, dirt, and rust.

The huge surface area is attributed to the accordion fold of the inner filter, allowing it to trap more dirt. If we remove the filter inside and spread it out on the floor, the surface area is as big as 18 feet! 

Because of it being so powerful yet compact, the water filter could be installed even at places with very limited outdoor space.

SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) Design
- Easy cartridge install and change-out which requires no tool (Suggestion: describe a bit on the SQC - Only take 10 seconds for the cartridge change, even women can do it)
- Self-contained cartridge helps eliminate excess water spill and contact with contaminants.

High Flow Rate
- 20gpm flow rate accommodates most standard home sizes, as well as larger / luxury home sizes.

100,000 gallons or one year of normal water conditions
- Reduces cartridge change-out frequency as compared to standard drop-in style cartridges and it is time-saving.
- The cartridge can last for 3 years if the water condition is good.

Product offering to meet most applications
- AP902 reduces sediment, dirt and rust down to 5 micron nominal.

No backwash
Most water filters require backwash (reverse water flow) to remove trapped dirt. Not performing regular backwash could lead to dirt unloaded from filter and flow into owner's pipeline. However, backwash might cause bigger pores, which affect the performance of the filtration system. The good news is 3M AP902 does not nee backwash. It provides expected filtration performance every time after the new cartridge replaced. This avoids the possibility of the contamination of the water source during the backwash process if you never turn off the water inlet valve (dirty water flow back to the water stream instead of draining it off).

No chlorine filtered out
Chlorine is added into our water treatment plant to kill off the bacteria. AP902 is capable of reducing sediment, dirt, and rust. However, it does not remove chlorine, as the water will be stored in the tank and chlorine is needed in the water tank as a disinfectant to kill microorganisms.

However, Chlorine will react with compounds in water to form carcinogenic trihalomethanes (which is suspected to cause cancer). These harmful by-products also form when you cook food in or with unfiltered water. How scary is that?!

Hence, apart from installing a Point-of-entry (outdoor) water filter, I have my trusty 3M Advanced Drinking Water Filter in the kitchen. It caters specially for drinking and food preparation, as it removes chlorine. Now that I have secured both drinking and whole house water, I can be at ease at all times and my family gets healthier, perfect!

3M Year End Promo Image
You can get your water filter from 3M water filter Malaysia. The AP902 water filter is RM 1451.15 (including 6% GST), and the 3M Advance Drinking Water Filter is RM 2966.95 (including 6% GST).

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