Aud-Motherhood | Joie is 3 Months Old

Hello there! It's Joie, Miss ChuBee again. I am 3 months old and I've learnt more things this month! Let me show you my progress for this month.

I am now 6.5 kg, and 58.3 cm tall. Although my weight is at the 90 percentile but hey I am not over weight yet! But, it looks like I am growing side way more, haha! My height increased 3.3 cm only.

Mama made me another comic. It's kinda funny right?

Mama says I am old enough, I have to learn to sit in the car seat when we travels. She says it is safer too. I don't really like it because it is kinda cramp but safety first, no choice, have to deal with it.

I attended my very first party! It's my cousin, Rayner's one year old birthday party. My first time wearing family outfit (same color theme) with papa and mama too!
Erm, I look pretty boring right? Because there are so many good food there but I can't have any of them.. Sien.. >_<

My favorite activity in the morning is papa changing my soiled diaper! I will always say thank you with a big smile or a cute face.

Hey, I heard that selfie is the IN thing now, no? I think I've just learnt how to Selfie! Say Cheese!

Hmm, okay, let me share a secret with you. My mama's body is my favorite bed. It is so warm, soft and comfy! I always have a good sleep on it, but it is mine. Not gonna share with you. By the way, papa says I look extra chubby in this photo, do I?

Mama! Do you think I look pretty in this? I told you to dress me up nicely right? What is going on?

Mama introduced me something called teether. It is not as good as milk but it is chewy. Onn Nom Nom Nom..

Oh, you know what? I can talk now!

*Yawn~ I'm tired, so that's all for this month's progress. See ya again!

Walking on with love,


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