Aud-Motherhood | Joie Turns 5 Months Old

Ohai! It's Joie here. Happy Chinese New Year! Many of you must be traveling back to hometown now right? Be safe! Meanwhile here is my growth progress post for you to read.

I'm 5 months old now! Actually turning 6 months next week. Hehe.
I'm almost 8kg, that's quite heavy! Guess I need a little control over my diet. Nah! Just kidding. It's only 75 percentile so it's still okay~

So what have I done this month? Basically, having fun! I was at Popo's house for 2 weeks. My schedule for that 2 weeks basically goes around yam cha and shopping. Here's me having tea with godmother Chariot and aunt Nicole. I was so happy to have their company.

The other day I was shopping with mama, Popo and godmother Selyn. I got tired so I took over Xiao com Didi's stroller. Like a boss eh?

Night tea with mama, Popo and Popo's friends.

Yam cha again with Popo, mama, and mama's friends.
Told you, I had an enjoyable time! Lol

Oh, I also got a gift- a lovely blanket from my grandaunt. Thank you, grandaunt! I love it but it's too big for me now, maybe I will use it when I'm older.

I think I'm growing teeth that's why I love to bite my thumb nowadays.

Ha! Papa says I looked like a nun in this dress!

During the new year holiday, we went to Melaka for a family trip. It's my first time to Melaka. My god, Jonker street was too overwhelming, I got a shock!

Despite my messed up sleeping schedule, overall it was fun! I love traveling with papa and mama. Let's do this more often ya!

Walking on with love,


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