London Olympic 2012- A dream so near but A gold too Far

Yesterday.. 05.08.2012.. 8pm..
The match of the century began...
After a total of 3 matches..

Your heart broke..
Millions of Malaysians' too..
Your dream shattered..
Millions of Malaysians' too..
You cried..
Many of us too..
Including me...

But still..
You fought well..
The best I can say..

I was never concerned about Olympic as we all know,
we had no chance..
But You brought us the silver in 2008 Beijing Olympic..
therefore, we see hope,
The hope of a Gold.

You fought your way.. with the wound on your leg..

and you made it all the way to final~!! 

So, this is it.
The world's century King vs King match..

You won the 1st match with the amazing score of 21-15!!!

Lin Dan is not an ordinary opponent, he is a predator.
Your natural enermy.
He took over the 2nd match with 10-21..

And now,
here comes the last match..

My heart beats as fast as it can..
I breath as slow as I can..
as I'm afraid that a slight breath will blow your score away..
I was all tense up when you try your very best to keep the score on par..
My heartbeat stops, my breath freeze...
Our dream shattered...
Lin Dan won the match with 19-21..
Again, He won..
Again, You lose..
 I can't help but to cry together with you...

You really did your best...
We know..

Therefore, there is nothing to be sorry for..
(I cried even worse when i saw your tweet...)
It breaks my heart as I know how it feels to have your dream shattered...

But still, I'm proud to see Malaysia flag flies in London Olympic 2012...
This happened,
ONLY because of your hard work, effort and dedications you delivered with all your strength and all your heart..

It was an amazing breath-taking match..
You really fought well...
but I know,
No words can ease your pain inside..
You were so close to your dream..
but yet, so far to a Gold...
Let your tears down tonight,
as we all will.
but get our feet back up when the sun rises,

No matter how,
You are always the Hero of us..
Thank you..
Dato' Lee Chong Wei~!!

Not forgetting to congrats China for winning all 5 Gold medal..
You guys really did a great job!

A lil review of last Beijing Olympic and 2012 London Olympic
The great sportsmanship between the two KINGS~!


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