JRunway with Cheesie & QiuQiu 21.11.12

Finally, Im willing to blog about JRunway, which they had their official launching like 1 and a half months ago, wtf. (pardon me for using wtf more and more often as I was influence by fourfeetnine and cheesie alot!! they are my inspirations okay!)

It was a Wednesday, 6pm but I have to work that day! fml

I really really damn wanna meet Cheesie in person, so I even used up my time off to end my work earlier to go Singapore to see her. I left the office at 4pm, thinking that it will be enough time for me to get to Plaza Singapore in time, but god hates me I think. MASSIVE JAM at the immigration custom, I'm so gonna be late to the event!!! I was so so so damn worried that I might missed Cheesie, Really nearly cried in the car (eyes wet I swear!) But still, here I am! JRunway!

The event just started when I arrived, LUCKILY the Runway session has not started, means Cheesie is not out yet! Hooray!

While waiting, i spotted a Singapore Actress Jacelyn Tay, in case you don't know her check here.
#Jacelyn Tay. I know.. she happens to close her eyes when I secretly snapped her photo.. and i think she saw me secretly snapping photos of hers because she walked away after she looks into my eyes through my lens.

Oh, wait!! here comes Cheesie! who the hell care about Jacelyn Tay! its Cheesie wtf!

#Aoki Misako Chan & Cheesie

After the runway, I'm trying my very best to search for Cheesie, because I wanna have a photo with her, wanna talk to her in person! that's the reason I took my time off to come all the way here! but, I CAN'T SEEMS TO FIND HER ANYWHERE! JRunway was too too crowded!!! Saw the budget barbie qiuqiu, and took a photo with her. but.....

# I looks so freaking huge beside her lo.. fml

That's when I saw Aoki Misako chan! So i quickly queue up to have a photo with her.. then duno why this aunty came from cut my queue!

I was actually abit angry at her lo! because she cut my queue! but the very next second, I'm not angry at all, because.... I spotted her!!! Yea, HER!Cheesie her!! I ran over and wanted to have a pic with her but the authority workers doesn't allow me to as she was in a rush and leaving, so I quickly snapped this.

#oh, looks at my gigantic face! fml

I stepped out of JRunway with kinda disappointed face, my friend said I really looks like I'm crying, eyes wet, tears bursting out of the window. Then the next second, my friend ran to me and say..

"Audrey.. isn't that.... Cheesie??"

[Don't bluff.. she already left...(with crying face)]

"No, seriously... look! its her isn't it?"

I moved up my eyes away from my camera playback screen of the gigantic face picture with Cheesie unwillingly and, I stunned!

yea!! its Cheesie! its really freaking Cheesie in front of me!

The next second Cheesie realize, I'm already beside her, having my camera in position and said "Can I have a photo with you?" and before she replies, I pressed the shutter. Hahahah.. I bet she was shocked by me. But, I nearly cried again lo! because I'm so damn Happy! Overwhelmed! I swear, I feel like I can die with no regrets that particular moment!!! No, I'm not exaggeration! lol she is my inspiration after all!

#She is Lovely isn't she??<3 div="div">and we are wearing the same contact lens- stormy grey from Rainbowcolors by her.. ^o^ 

#she is so slim and tiny that I thought I almost crashed her hand bones while shaking hands with her..wtf
sorry if i hurt you Cheesie, im just too excited! lol

Now then I'm willing to step away to go for dinner (my friend was bugging me to have dinner when I can't find Cheesie, but I stood still keep on searching and waiting..lol)
so we went to Ichiban for dinner!!

#Yeah!! I love sushi!!

At the end of the day, I am so satisfied. Because, I get to meet my fav blogger Cheesie, I had an awesome dinner at Ichiban, had the chance to visit Gardens by the Bay, went Marina Garage for a long long walk.. Yeah, its a fruitful day and I'm thankful! THANK YOU for AN AWESOMENESS DAY!!

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