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Don't deny. Everyone wants to look good.
No matter young, old, female or male. No one wants to be ugly if they can choose.
and if I can choose, I would really want to age gracefully since I can't stop aging.

and yet, I always used to neglect my skin/ face. Neglect as in I don't really give special attention or special care to it. but just remove makeup with makeup remover, cleanse with cleansing foam, follow by applying toner, moisturizer, eye cream and that's it.

I don't really exfoliate or apply mask from time to time. I don't really apply sun block. I don't really blah blah blah... Okay, I admit that I am sorta lazy when it comes to maintaining. I will be super "rajin" (hard-working) when it started, but it will always end up a "5 minutes heat" thing. I know it's not good, I am trying to kick that too. Help me if you have any method to do so. Ha!

So, it happened that I came across this treatment CELLULAR ACTIVATION TREATMENT offered by Ido's Cosmeceutical. I met Dr. Winnie there. She is a nice and soft person. Speaks so softly and gentle. She checked on my face and advice that I should, at least, do 2 times of peeling, because my skin tone is super uneven, and my pores are basically all clogged, seriously clogged! She questioned me whether I do this, whether I do that, all she got is me shaking my head all the time and I think she must be thinking whether I am a woman or a man. Haha.. To cut it short, Dr. Winnie added two Cellular Activation Treatment into the package I signed. Oh, Kareshi is gonna kill me if he knew this earlier because he doesn't like me to simply spend. Haha, but I kept it a secret. That's why I am still alive, now. hehe

WARNING! Upcoming photos may cause some discomfort, please view at your own risk.
#Me. No makeup, nothing on my face. Before/ ready for the treatment. Totally look like a Phillipino/Vietnam/Thai/Indon or a Malay maid here.

#Side view. I had pimples breakout that time because work was really stressed.

p/s: I am sorry that I don't have photos from the first session of CAT ECR peeling. Simply because I was too nervous and scare what it feels like and totally forgot to take a picture. But I do have photos after the application, but before that, let's know more about what is this CAT ECR first.

Ido's Cosmeceutical proprietary Cellular Activation Treatment is a non-invasive, minimal downtime therapy that...
  • Remove a predictable uniform thickness of damaged or dead skin cells. 
  • Regulate sebum production. 
  • Unclog pores 
  • Boost collagen synthesis
  • Reduce wrinkles. 
  • Diminish pigmentation. 
  • Improve skin tone evenness. 
  • Regulate sensitivity of the skin. 
The ECR therapy largely comprised of naturally occurring fruit acids that will produce profound results with the lowest frequency of complications such as scarring and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation  A proven scientific method that is extremely safe and successful in rejuvenating facial skin. It helps to improve and resolve acne, pimple scarring, sensitivity and aging skin problems. (Taken from their website)

When Dr. Winnie applied the fruit acid liquid on my face, I can actually feel some tiny stinging feel. And honestly, the smell was kinda strong. She said its normal to feel some itchiness and be prepare to see some breakouts. I nodded my head without thinking much. A post ECR therapy recovery set was given to me to maximize the results and return me skin the velvety smoothness and radiance it long deserves. Sounds so nice~~
This is the recovery product I received. It has a soft cleanser, a toner, a replenishing gel, and a sun block (SPF 60). Wash your face with the soft cleanser, spray the toner to your face, and apply sun block after the replenishing gel. Realize that the toner and sun block are packaged in spraying bottles? This is to minimize the contacts between your hand and your face. Because after the treatment, you have to reduce as much contact to your face as possible as your skin is in a fragile condition. Do not exceed 30 seconds when you wash your face, no other products are allowed to be used on your face except when was given by them, so I had no makeup for a week. For a whole week, I looked like some changing skin snake or whatever scary reptile creature.
This is how I look after ECR treatment, day 2. The ugliest me, ever. My face was so red!! I swear I look like a second degree burned victim. I literally got scared by myself when I woke up in the morning and looked into the mirror. Throughout the whole period, I walked with my head down all the time because I scared that I might scare someone else with my scary face. lol! Honestly, I was afraid. I was so afraid that I called them every day to check whether its normal to be like this, to be like that. I bet they think that I am freaking irritating that time. =_=''

#My face suddenly has all these black spots surfacing. T_T

#My pimples outbreak was even scarier that I thought. Maybe its because I was already having some outbreak before the treatment so it's even worse after it. Especially on my left side. At day 3 or 4, my skin was 90% peeled. Pores are really smaller and smoother, but I JUST HATE MY PIMPLE OUTBREAKS!

Two weeks ago, I had my second session of ECR peeling. I suppose to do it earlier, but I tell you, I am AFRAID la! I'm scare that will end up like the first time, massive outbreaks and scars... but Dr. Winnie ensure me that it will not be as serious as the first time, so I decided to take her words (actually is because already paid money lo, can not waste it.)
So here am I, for the second treatment. This is after Dr Winnie apply the fruit acid on me. Amazingly, the smell wasn't as strong as the first time (I can't even open my eyes right after the application for the first time), and it doesn't itch that much too. As you can see, my forehead still has quite a significant pimple's scar. Others on the face are mostly 80% recovered. I am those that will have scars even if its just a mosquito bite and the scars are extremely hard to get rid of, its like they love me so much that they decided to stay with me forever despite how much I hate them. What a selfish bunch. /pif
After the acid was applied, leave it for 8 hours. But, I leave it over night and wash it the next morning.
This is how I look on the 2nd day of 2nd treatment. My face is not as red as the first time
Day 3- Started to peel off around the mouth and nose area. You will feel a tight pulling feel on your skin, but its normal, don't worry. AND DON'T EVER GET ITCHY AND PEEL THE SKIN YOURSELF! Let it peel off naturally~
Forehead and cheek skin starts peeling off too~ At day 4, 90% of my skin are peeled off.
Part of my skin! hahahaha~ Can see the tiny white dots? those are white heads I suppose!! I have plenty of them! my gosh!

Day 4~ old skin mostly gone, left only those along the hair lines~

Day 7 after ECR treatment, looks like baby skin? (no makeup at all). hahah~ I actually love it!!! I think I should schedule to do it like once a year? or twice a year? hehe~
Oohhhh~ I love my skin now! Imma gonna take good care of it!! Cheers to beauty! Aloha to snow-white-alike-skin me! haha.. don't know what I'm muttering about~ lol
Time for me to sleep I guess~ ciao~

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