Johor Bahru Chingay 2013

The Johor Bahru Chingay Parade is a must see event for it's splendid and unique cultural performances and an insight to the Chinese festive tradition.

Every year in the first lunar month of 20-23rd, the Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple organizes its annual Chingay known as the Parade of Deities (Chinese: 古廟游神). The word Chingay is from the Hokkien dialect, of which the Mandarin equivalent is "Zhuang Yi", meaning "the art of masquerade".  It has a 143 years of history. It is the BIGGEST and LARGEST event of the year!

Last year, I participated in the whole procession and completed the 10 km walk. I felt proud of myself for that. This year I wasn't in the procession but among the crowd watching at the roadside. Of course, I am not alone. 

My Kareshi has no idea that we have this annual Johor Ancient Temple's Procession for the past 140 years (wondering how can he not know that..), so I invited him to come over to experience it. After all, it's an event Johoreans are proud of.

Not much photos this year, mainly also because I did not bring my camera along and my iPhone was out of batt, so don't really have nice photos.. Bear with it ya~ ^_^

I took a bus from the bus station near my house. You will not want to drive down and get stuck in the traffic four five hours for nothing. Believe me, you would rather walk 20 km than being trapped inside your car, inside the jam five hours. This is the only time where the roads will be closed and traffic will be at a virtual standstill in Johor Bahru.

#Me! On my lovely way to meet up with kareshi.

It may be a myth, but it is also the very truth! Every year, before the night procession, it will definitely rain! What makes it amazing is that the rain will always stops right before the procession starts! How strange is that? Every year, without fail. The rain was said to "wash/ clean the streets" before the parade of the deities~

The setup stage for the VVIPs~ Last year, PM Najib was here. This year, Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani is here. Not forgetting my Consul-General, Mr Lim Hong Huai. This is his third consecutive year participating the annual Chingay.

#Me again! waiting for my kareshi to arrive. Due to Chingay, there are limited buses service available. Because roads are closed and public transports will be rerouted.

Look at the crowd!! It's huge!! It's really getting bigger and bigger each year.

#The giant flag team. I felt worried for the people who carries that, it seems to be really heavy!

Here comes the floats~

This year is the year of snake, floats are decorated with cute snakes but Kareshi said it look like caterpillars. hahaah~

There are 5 deities in total hosted by Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple. There are:
  1. Yuan Tian Shang Di (元天上帝) (大老爷)
  2. Hong Xian Da Di (洪仙大帝) (洪仙公)
  3. Gan Tian Da Di (感天大帝)
  4. Hua Guang Da Di (华光大帝)
  5. Zhao Da Yuan Shuai (赵大元帅)
Each of the deities are consecutively worshipped by the "Teochew", "Hoklo (Hokkien)", "Hakka", "Cantonese", and "Hainanese".
This is the first deity (Zhao Da Yuan Shuai- 赵大元帅 ) in the parade. The devotees are shacking the deity statue. It was believed that the harder you shake the better it will be. The devotees will be shouting "Heng Ar!", "Huat Ar!" while shaking the statues. Can't visualize it? Let me show you a video taken by a photographer Kenny Seah during the parade.

It's fun right? I really love our Chingay! Hope that next year I can participate in the procession again~ but if Kareshi mummy is coming then I think I will watch at the roadside for another year~ The year after next only ask kareshi to walk with me~ hehe..

Here's another video from youtube showing part of the Chingay taken by some other people~

Hope you will enjoy it~ ^_^
That's all for the night~ See ya!

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~



  1. This is really one of the biggest annual event in Malaysia!

    1. Ya, It is! It is a culture that we should preserve! ^_^


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