A Spa Date With Ido's

I just had a relaxing Sunday with Ido's Spa treatment. It was a compliment for signing up their facial treatment back then. (I have 2 compliments, one from facial treatment, one from blogging.)

So one of them is expiring very soon so I quickly made an appointment to utilize it (can not waste it ma, right?) hehe~

The Ido's cosmeceutical has 4 levels. Ground will be the reception, level 1 is the clinical, 2 floor is for facial, beauty salon (mani and pedi are here too), last but not least, 4th floor is South Haven- the exclusive lounge.

When the lift opens, this is what welcomes you.

A water fountain is right in the middle of the entrance.

Opps! He forgot to put back his clothes after spa!! Lol

The whole area is kinda cosy and relaxing.

The bar/ kitchen area~

They even served me tea and snacks.. I really feel like tai tai (pronounce it in cantonese which means rich housewife that doesn't need to work but just enjoy life) that moment. So enjoyable Lo.

Waiting to be served.

Another shot of my short legs.. >_<. After like 10mins of waiting, it's my turn.

My locker~

I was led to this room to change, basically is to strip off. Naked.

And Tadah! Jacuzzi!! Sorry no photo of me showing here, i think kareshi will be angry if I post it, so just make do with my legs ya! Haha! I enjoyed my bubbles jacuzzi for like 20mins then head off to sauna because Can not soak for too long if not whole body skin will start wrinkling (in fact my hands are already wrinkling).

The jacuzzi room is the same as sauna room. There's only 1 jacuzzi tub, and 2 sauna machines. The down point it's that the room is small which can only accommodate 2 person at most. So it's either you come alone or with only 1 friend.

This is how The sauna machine looks like . You enter it, and close it leaving only your head showing.

Okay la~ here a photo of me in the sauna machine! (I purposely leave my hands out to take this photo and quickly put it back into the capsule to let it enjoy sauna. Not with my phone inside too of course!)

Inside the machine, there's a lighting therapy. See the light? It's a photo dynamic or so called light therapy that helps to lighten scars and sorts. Nice right? Because I wanted to sweat more so I increase the temperature up to like 42-44° it's hot! Lol!

After sauna, I had a shower and get to enjoy a full body massage by the massage chair (What?? you think its human massage ar? I also thought it is Lo! >_<) but okay la~ 没有鱼,虾也好(its mandarin and it means better than nothing)

Not bad la the massage, but if can make it longer will be better la~ 15mins really not enough leh~ hahaha~~

The overall experience was fine, quite okay I would say~ but there's always rooms for improvement. So hope to see it improves throughout time.

Ending this post with my after tai tai spa face. Lol!

If you would like to know more...
Contact Ido's now! Click here for all the branches available throughout Malaysia! Hehe~ By the way, the branch that I went is Kulai branch. It's quite new actually. Drop by to find out more in details if you live nearby~ Maybe you can try mentioning my name (Audrey), and MAYBE you will get something extra~ hahaha~ it's MAYBE ar~ because I don't get paid to write about them. It's all experience base sharing. ^_^

Oh by the way~ I did a mild acid exfoliation called SA peel after my spa. Will blog about it when it's time.


I need your Love~♥

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